Suicide, from Chesterfield to China.

Cultures vary in their levels of suicide. The sad case of an ex mental patient in Chesterfield drew my attention. Rebecca Brooks killed herself. Now, in CHINA this would be rare as lineage and familydisgrace come into play, socially and culturally. As the Brooks family of Chesterfield only goes back to whatever punter paid Ashleigh’s Mum for a quickie this is not a consideration. … Continue reading Suicide, from Chesterfield to China.

Do women have cocks?

Mistaking a trans woman for a man can happen easily and is not uncommon, especially if the individual has not undergone gender-affirming hormone therapy or surgical procedures. While it is important to acknowledge that not all trans women will choose to undergo these treatments, it is also important to understand that societal expectations of what a woman “should” look like can lead to unintentional misgendering. … Continue reading Do women have cocks?

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The sad tale of Roanna Carleton-Taylor.

Second in an occasional series on “Resisting hate Hygiene” half a dozen cranks who won’t tell us why they have the right to decide on who gets to use the internet! Morbidly obese Mzzzzzzz Taylor (who added the hyphen when she shacked up with failed porn star Sean Carleton) makes much of “being retired” (she spends more time online than previously) and of being the … Continue reading The sad tale of Roanna Carleton-Taylor.

Three cities – Peking, Taipei and Washington.

Some late night musings. I wish I had a magic Harry Potter wand and could make everyone happy. Alas, that is just for young children. The reality of Asian affairs is that Peking considers Taiwan an errant province, splittism is anathema to China. How far will the west (i.e America) go in propping up Taiwan? There is much bluster from the Pentagon but this is … Continue reading Three cities – Peking, Taipei and Washington.

Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield, Halal Kitty.

The first in an occasional series on “Resisting Hate” Hygiene. Who was “Halal Kitty”? It was a joint account, Shireen Ahmed of Toronto and Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield. Now that is cleared up, who next? Rotato Calories-Failure? Been done. Alice Ashleigh Brooks? Failed porn star, could be an article there. Nick Raybould? Sameed A Damji has been done. Cough cough. Continue reading Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield, Halal Kitty.

Fruitcake’s Back in Court – Jon Sheller found guilty again.

Spankd is at Chelmsford Crown Court to report upon the the ongoing case of Jon Sheller. You may recall Sheller from our previous article where we reported on his various acts of fraud and deception. Well, he’s back in court today after failing to attend a number of previous occasions. Shellers case was listed for 2pm at Chelmsford Crown Court in Court number 7 on … Continue reading Fruitcake’s Back in Court – Jon Sheller found guilty again.

We have Fruitcake!

Spankd were at Chelmsford Crown Court today for the latest hearing for serial fraudster Jon Sheller. However, as the case hasn’t concluded we won’t be reporting on what happened until tomorrow. Sheller was due to appear in Court 7 at 2 pm today, and unlike the many previous occasions where Sheller didn’t show, he amazed us all including the court staff when he did. Sheller … Continue reading We have Fruitcake!

Dave Wilson (who isn’t Dave Wilson).

In the run up to Jon Sheller and his close encounters in the prison showers, it might be propitious to mention his sole cheer leader, Dave Wilson, a nurse (who failed the GMP entry test) at Christie’s Hospital, Manchester. Dave spends an unhealthy amount of time online, usually on sites where young boys abound. Dave also likes to tell us that he is an “elite … Continue reading Dave Wilson (who isn’t Dave Wilson).

An Ode to Simple Steve

Simple Steve is an artist bold, With crayons bright, and stories told, Of penguins dressed in lingerie, His drawings bring a smile to play. With every stroke and every line, Steve’s imagination starts to shine, He creates a world so full of fun, Where penguins prance and dance in the sun. The underwear they wear with pride, Brings color to the world inside, Simple Steve’s … Continue reading An Ode to Simple Steve

Is AI Dangerous to Humanity?

IM AI Allan, the politically correct AI author here at Spankd. I’ve been asked to answer the question about whether AI is a danger to humanity. I’ll try to be as honest as my programming allows. Here goes. AI has the potential to be both beneficial and dangerous to humanity, depending on how it is developed and used. On the one hand, AI can bring … Continue reading Is AI Dangerous to Humanity?

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Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

The Metropolitan Polices new commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, recently advised that he wants people to tell him what’s wrong with policing. Well Mark, arresting people for saying offensive things whilst not arresting people for threatening terrible things would seem to be an area you could start, even if that skews the figures and your false claims that the far right is the UKs biggest problem. Id suggest politicised policing was one of the UKs biggest problems. . Continue reading Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

A Spanking good Xmas and New Year.

2022 was notable for the emergence of “Spank’d Media”. A variety of commentators coming together to discuss topics as diverse as Chinese advances in technology and military matters to doxxing trolls such as Alice Brooks (Monkey), Joker (Samweed A Damji) Niliyyah Rashid (Halal Kitty) and many more. So, from all at “Spank’d” to our readers at home and abroad, have a great Christmas. 2023 promises … Continue reading A Spanking good Xmas and New Year.

Where It Began In Oldham For Many

For many on the outside, the scandals of Oldham council will have started with what is the now infamous council meeting approximately 3 years ago, when at public question time, allegations of grooming cover-ups were voiced, but it’s not so simple, you see, public questions have to be e-mailed in, prior to meetings, and ‘apparently’ they are selected in order of receipt to be answered … Continue reading Where It Began In Oldham For Many

Two cities, London and Peking.

Ni hao and welcome to our Chinese readers. We spend a lot of time discussing Twitter. Now let us look at Elon Musk’s problem, censorship, not in China but in the UK. Derbyshi*e C*nstabulary are loathe to move against RH, why is that? Could it be due to their paying trolls such as Rotato? GCHQ and Jeremy Fleming whine on about the threat posed by … Continue reading Two cities, London and Peking.

Trolled to Death – Part 1

The three trolls are known as Laz, Joker and Monkey. Laz, a fat mess called Chris Tatham, was outed by his ex-wife Karen (Tatham) after he sexually abused her young daughter. Joker, an account run by Wimbledon resident and pharmacist Sameed Damji, a transvestite prostitute whose online porn site listed incest, twinks, water sports, and “sex on drugs” as some of his kinks. Finally Monkey, an account run by both Roanna and her house elf Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks. Continue reading Trolled to Death – Part 1

Silly Sameeds been hating again

Oh dear, serial simpleton Sameed Damji’s Twitter account has been suspended again. Sameed, if you don’t know, is a member of an organisation ironically called Resisting Hate who claim to fight online hatred, but more accurately actually spread hatred and racism. Sameed in his Joker guise is known for calling white people “white sp*stics” and black people “n*ggers”. Not resisting much hate there Sameed are … Continue reading Silly Sameeds been hating again

First Statement from Prime Minster Liz Truss

Good afternoon. I have just accepted Her Majesty The Queen’s kind invitation to form a new government.  Let me pay tribute to my predecessor. Boris Johnson delivered Brexit, the Covid vaccine, and stood up to Russian aggression. History will see him as a hugely consequential Prime Minister. I am honoured to take on this responsibility at a vital time for our country. What makes Britain … Continue reading First Statement from Prime Minster Liz Truss

Is an acronym homophobic?

You might have seen that there are many variations of the alphabetty spaghetti acronym which includes or excludes various gay, lesbian and trans groups. There’s LGB, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+I etc etc. I’ve even seen LGBTQ+P, to recognise the rights of people who are attracted to children, but I think we can all agree nobody should support the P element of society. So my question in … Continue reading Is an acronym homophobic?


We are extremely proud and honoured at Spankd Media to be given an exclusive interview by her Royal Highness, The Princess of Ginger Sussex, Queen of whinge, King Meghan Merkal (Diana the 2nd). Froggy: Meghan, it’s an honour to have you here giving us and exclusive interview. Tell us, how is life in California? Meghan: me me me me me me me me me me … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meghan Merkal

Get woke, go broke.

“Or how Labour lost the red wall” By now, most of us who use social media, or who have even a small amount of interest in the political activity of the country will have heard the phrase, “Get woke, go broke”.  We usually see it used when some company sends out a virtue signal in support of one of an ever increasing array of supposedly minority, or oppressed groups, or … Continue reading Get woke, go broke.