Monsters Walk Amongst Us

Over recent years there have been examples of overwhelming numbers of crimes reported before the police take notice or choose to act. The most infamous example being Jimmy Savile where there were over 400 crimes reported and years of suspicion and gossip before the police finally pulled their finger out of their arses and took action. During these common periods of policing blindness and fecklessness, many crimes that could have been avoided continued to go on unchallenged with multiple victims suffering unnecessarily.

One area where this fecklessness appears to be even more prevalent is on the internet where many crimes go unchecked because of the anonymity that the internet provides. However, that excuse can’t be used when the perpetrators of crime do so openly and in their names, for example with the group of internet trolls working under the guise of an anti-hate organisation of all things, laughably called “Resisting Hate”.

There have been hundreds of police reports regarding the activities of Resisting Hate to date, but no significant action taken. Why?

Resisting Hate promote themselves and an anti-hate organisation, and for a while they got away with this. At one point even receiving recognition from other anti-hate organisations whilst the rumours of their wrongdoings were just a manageable murmur. However, in more recent years genuine anti hate organisations, Tell Mama and Hope Not Hate, that Resisting Hate had aligned themselves with have since distanced themselves from because they don’t want to be associated with the hatred and crimes undertaken in the name of anti-hate organisations.

For many years the core members of Resisting Hate have wreaked havoc on social media, going as far as encouraging people to commit suicide or self-harm, which they shockingly claim to have had some success at.

Is Resisting Hate a Criminal Organisation?

Is Resisting Hate a Criminal Organisation? Hell yes. Carlton Taylor has bragged about committing crimes in her article “Doxxing Fascists is Necessary” and using information from illegal hacking activities. Many of the activities or tools in the troll toolkit (below) are illegal, so I think it’s fair to say that Resisting Hate who practice these activities are a criminal organisation. They just haven’t been convicted of it yet.

The Troll Toolkit

The trolls have a tried and tested toolkit of largely illegal activities that they use in pursuit of beating their victims into submission. What is their objective though? Getting the target off social media? silencing them? No, I don’t think it’s that, because I have seen the abuse continue long after Resisting Hates victims have left social media or even died. I suspect the reason for the activity is that these trolls enjoy their work; they enjoy ruining people’s lives, it makes them feel powerful, it is their raison d’etre and while the police fail to act and turn a blind eye to what they consider to be simply “Twitter spats” they will continue.

The list below isn’t exhaustive, but shows a number of troll tools from simple virtual mobbing and harassment through to more serious criminal activities such as hacking and encouraging self harm and suicide.

Virtual mobbing, harassment and abuse

The first step in a troll attack is often the mass mobbing. This is where the trolls will insert themselves into anything you say on social media and attack you. No matter how benign a topic, they will pile in with their abuse to make you fearful of posting anything further. This won’t be limited to one or two pokes or slights either, but often hundreds of messages. How does this happen? Well Resisting Hate have a number of private rooms where their supporters and followers can engage in private discussions and where their targets are named and the information found via doxing is shared. At one point Resisting Hate even had a hit list of high profile social media accounts who they were targeting in their Rogues Gallery, though this part of their website doesn’t seem to have been updated in some time.


In an article that Carlton Taylor wrote in August 2017 she explained how exposing the identity of fascists was one of the tools that organisations like hers utilise. She went on to brazenly brag how Resisting Hate had doxed people using data from both legal and illegal sources and methods.

Doxing can be simply described as searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the internet, typically with malicious intent. This private information could include their victims name, address, mobile number, email address, family members names, employer details etc.

Carlton Taylor explained how they had written to family members and employers to shame the targets who her and her organisation have determined were fascists or Nazis! Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this statement. Firstly, she didn’t contain her illegal activities to just employers and family members and secondly, I don’t believe she can legitimately claim to have targeted a single actual fascist or Nazi. Even if she had targeted an actual fascist or Nazi then who appointed her and her crew the judge and jury? Who decided it should be her who dished out punishments?

Although the doxing activity itself may not be illegal, the activities that the doxing leads to, such as intimidation and harassment, almost certainly are.

Contacting employers

Over recent years Resisting Hate have sent at least two packs of information to ex employers of mine that I’ve been made aware of. These packs contain Photoshopped and edited examples of what they determine to be your crimes and demands that as a decent employer the individual should be disciplined and dismissed or the employer themselves will be targeted as harboring a fascist or Nazi.

This activity was not limited to me either as I have heard many other accounts of Resisting Hate undertaking this practice and I believe it is probably contrary to a number of laws, such as stalking and harassment, and definitely a criminal offence.


In Carlton Taylors article she bragged about how she has used information received from hacking, but it doesn’t stop there. Resisting Hate have gone as far as hacking one of their victims business website and making changes to it that ultimately destroyed the business and the individuals livelihood. This individual has never had any actual justice and many years on can still be found on Twitter every single day shouting into the goldfish bowl about the injustice he has suffered, so much so that the victim is now well along the path of becoming what he despised, an angry small minded vengeful troll with nothing else in his life apart from threats and abuse against the people he hates.

The trolls laugh off the damage they have done destroying someones business, family and his life by hacking and trolling and even hashtag the post with “Good Times”.

Hacking is clearly a crime and is explained here on the Crown Prosecution Services website along with many other of the items in this list of troll tools.

Further to this example of Resisting Hates illegal hacking activities I can report that since the recent publishing of a number of articles about them this site has been under constant attack, and to date we have logged hundreds of attempts to hack our site using a number of logins. These attempts have been saved and will be shared with police if they want evidence of this breach of the Computer Misuse Act.

Postal crimes

One of the Resisting Hate trolls known as Joker, bragged that he had sent letters to a number of my ex neighbours, which I reported to the police, which they went on to fecklessly fail to act upon. However, posting materials to victims neighbours is harassment and is covered under in the legislation on Stalking and Harassment which can be found on the Crown Prosecution Services website.

I am aware of multiple threats of postal harassment and of the Resisting Hate trolls actually following through on this threat by contacting neighbours, friends, employers etc by post, but the police aren’t interested in this when there are easier crimes to prop up their stats are they!

Contacting family members

One of the most prevalent of the trolls tools is contacting family members of their victims. For example they have contacted my wife making threats. They have contacted other peoples family members who they found through social media. They have recently even threatened to contact my wife again, a threat which to date they haven’t yet followed through on, but have done on so many previous occasions.

I wrote about one of the trolls harassing my wife in a previous article that can be viewed here. Again the Resisting Hate trolls seem fairly fearless that this harassment will have any consequences. I mean, it hasn’t had any consequences yet as they continue to do it and continue to get away with it.

What is their aim when contacting family members? I’m guessing it’s to spread their lies and cause division and disruption in the home of their victim. Regardless what the aim of this is, it is harassment, it is a crime, and the police should stop turning a blind eye.

Targeting the Victims Children

When these trolls manage to identify children of their victim via social media they demonstrate their warped behaviours the most. I have witnessed these animals bragging about contacting teachers and headteachers of the childrens school and in some cases making reports to Social Services. How could they ever claim that this is justified? It never can be, but it doesn’t stop there. The trolls have also gone as far as contacting the children themselves via social media and used social engineering techniques to extract information about their victim from the children which they then go on to create malicious accounts.

The rock bottom levels of warped depravity I have seen are when the trolls created fake social media accounts in the childrens names and post claims of sexual crimes against the parents such as peadophilia and worse still creating an account on prostitution websites with the child’s contact details. Yes really… posting a childs details on a prostitution website. Monsters.

Vexatious Police Reports

After one of the trolls contacted my wife and harassed her, which we reported to the police, they countered with their own vexatious police report against me. I wrote about this in the article Who Is Joker. What’s frightening here though is that these trolls are so confident that they will get away with their crimes that they actually use the police as an extended method of harassment. The reason that the Resisting Hate trolls have the balls to do this is because the feckless police do nothing to stop it. When the claims against me were dismissed and found to be completely vexatious, the police didn’t pursue them for making a false police report, why not?

I don’t think the police are deliberately complicit here, but rather ignorant of how they are being used by these vile trolls. The trolls can simply make vexatious reports of a crime and get their victim arrested, handcuffed and locked in a cell for a period of time on the basis of a false claim which the police will never act upon.

This would seem to be an example of wasting police time and maybe even perverting the course of justice, which again are criminal offences.

Sending Malicious Court Summons’

Using the police as an extension to their crimes is quite a serious abuse. However, it gets worse. A few years ago an “Abdulkarim Damji” raised a civil case at Westminster Magistrates Court and summonsed one of Resisting Hates victims, a man called Ryan Brehanny. The trolls goaded and mocked this individual mercilessly on social media for weeks in the run up to this case where they claimed he would be convicted and sent down for being a right wing fascist.

I went to court this day and sat in the gallery and was amazed when the case was called up and one of the court officers read a letter from Mr Damji stating that he had unexpectedly had to go to China to work and he would resubmit the case upon his return. He never did.

It’s probably worth noting that the individual in the article Who Is Joker is called Sameed “Abdulkarim Damji”. Could it be a coincidence that the individual abusing the court service by using the courts as a tool to abuse their victims has the same name as one of the Resisting Hate trolls? Methinks not.

Encouraging self-harm and suicide

I have just rewritten this section as I had written it around a number of images that in the end up, I can’t bring myself to publish as they are too distasteful, graphic and gory. These images were largely tweets between a couple of individuals and the Resisting Hate trolls, in particular one case with a guy called Adan who clearly has/had some mental health issues. The trolls encouraged him to cut himself, which he did. He sliced his throat, cut his wrists and carved the name of one of the trolls into his arm. He then posted these images back to the the trolls, much to their glee.

I’d like to think most decent people would encourage someone in such an obvious mentally frail place would do everything possible to support him and find help for him. Not the Resisting Hate trolls though, no they encouraged him to commit these acts of self-harm. They encouraged him to post pictures to them to prove he had cut himself as they had suggested for their entertainment.

I used the term has/had about Adam as nothing has been heard of Adam since this incident. I don’t know whether he left social media or this mortal coil. I hope he just left social media and got some help.

As well as Adam there was also an incident with a chap I use to speak to from time to time in various groups called Frank Jennings. Frank was a huge football fan and enjoyed political debate on Twitter. The trolls decided that Conservative voting Frank was a Nazi and proceeded to contact his family and employer, which eventually ended up with Frank losing the job he loved. This was the start of a downward spiral that eventually led to Frank attempting to take his own life. Frank survived initially, but it wasnt too long before he passed away to much glee from the Resisting Hate trolls.

The trolls contacted members of Franks family on the day of his funeral, they got a copy of the order of service which they posted on Twitter and they also hacked late Franks Twitter account which they went on to use to troll members of his family with for some time until they bored of it.

The trolls bragged that they had killed Frank and suggested they needed to “do a Frank” on other people.

They have openly posted that certain people should kill themselves and I have no doubt that if they stumble upon another vulnerable person, they wouldn’t hesitate to push that individual to self-harm or even commit suicide for their entertainment again as they have revelled in this in the past, a few examples of which are posted below.

News reports in the last few days have reported how encouraging self harm and suicide are to be made a crime, but Im not sure that will make a difference when the police are more motivated to hit statistics than solve actual crime. Why would the police spend time and money preventing monsterous trolls from encouraging people to harm themselves when there are simple asrrests out there to prop up their statistcis? I dont beliebve they will.

But Carlton Taylor and her criminal crew will claim all of the above activities are justified… “because fascists and Nazis innit”.

The Proof is in the Pudding

A simple test of what is written here would be to disagree with Carlton Taylor on social media. Challenge her views. Respond to a tweet critically. Then watch the well-rehearsed script that unfolds. You will be attacked by one or all of the trolls, they will then trawl social media for you and your family members, and the threats will begin. They will publish pictures of your children and make threats against them. All in an attempt to scare you off from social media. They won’t stop when you back off though so be warned before engaging in this test.

Was a troll factory always the intention for Resisting Hate?

Was Resisting Hate set up with good intentions and lost its way or was it always a front for a vile gang of trolls to practice their trade? I don’t know for sure. All I know is that as long as I’ve been aware of Resisting Hate, and that’s close to ten years, they have always practiced these behaviors, so my perception is that it didn’t lose its way, it was always meant to be a mechanism that allowed a vile group of individuals to seek out and ruin peoples lives using the anonymity of the internet along with the fecklessness of the police to get away with this for a criminally long time.

One of the Trolls did post that the reason Resisting Hate had been able to grow was that they were “dealing” with people who attacked them. What does he mean by “dealing with them?”


How many hundreds of reports do the police have to receive before they have their Jimmy Savile moment and ask themselves “Is there something here?” or “Should we finally do something?”

This report and will be sent to a number of Police Forces Police and Crime Commissioners to highlight that the forces they are responsible for are failing the public by letting groups like Resisting Hate get away with murder. Will they act? I doubt it, not until there is a high-profile death that can be so clearly linked to the crime that the police are shamed into finally having to withdraw their fingers from their rectums.


I’ve withheld a lot of detailed and graphic evidence from this article as I don’t believe it was necessary to tell the story. I can provide evidence for all of the statements in this article though should they be required.

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  1. Interesting post. Firstly, what or who gives Resisting Hygiene a mandate to allow who and what is allowed in cyberspace? I asked them many times, to no avail. Now to doxxing. Halal Kitty – Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield. Monkey – Ashleigh Brooks, Chesterfield, Laz, Moon, all of the bottom feeding personality deficient ones who make up the dozen cranks that are RH. A decade ago Dubdanu – Karen Graham, Bury swore that they would “get me”. Ten years on? Zilch.

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