Get woke, go broke.

“Or how Labour lost the red wall” By now, most of us who use social media, or who have even a small amount of interest in the political activity of the country will have heard the phrase, “Get woke, go broke”.  We usually see it used when some company sends out a virtue signal in support of one of an ever increasing array of supposedly minority, or oppressed groups, or … Continue reading Get woke, go broke.

The left and their ever narrowing windows.

For some time now many of us feel the constraints of the left on our ability to speak, live and work.  They have aimed to control what society thinks. How did this happen? You may have heard the phrase, “Overton Window”. This concept came from the thinking of John Overton, an advocate for capitalism. The theory is simple, it illustrates the fact that there is … Continue reading The left and their ever narrowing windows.

The left and their anti-nationalism

For some decades, academia has pushed the narrative that nationalism is a bad thing.  They would have you believe that valuing your country and its culture, (if you are British), is a bad thing. This issue has arisen out of socialism; these people would create groups to isolate people in to easier to manipulate tribes. They would then argue that only they align with these … Continue reading The left and their anti-nationalism