Spankds Response to Blackmail

After the release of “Trolled to Death – Part 1” we received blackmailed threats that an innocent family member of the Spankd team would be contacted if we release part 2. This article is a review of the threatening letter posted by Roanna Carlton Taylor on Twitter. More will be revealed in part 2.

What follows below are excerpts of the letter sent to one of the Spankd team as a threat on the 8th of October 2022 and which Roanna Carlton Taylor also proudly posted later on Twitter to reinforce her attempts at harassment and intimidation. Below are our insights into the irony, idiocy and downright blind bigoted stupidity of the author, Roanna Carlton Taylor.

After sending her threats Roanna Carlton Taylor even spun a story that a police officer from Derbyshire Police advised her it was OK to send such harassment as long as it was “polite”! We have asked for the details of the officer, but to date, she has declined to provide them. Make of that what you will.

The author of the letter has been advised that sending it would be considered harassment. The Metropolitan Police have been contacted and are awaiting a report should this letter be sent.

1: A gang of racists? You mean you are accusing people of being racist and this is ‘Your’ personal opinion and not a fact?
Harassed yourself? Surely you mean you and your group have been harassing people for 10 years solid for simply having a differing opinion, and/or some have dared to reply to your harassment? In fact, isn’t your group and its associates based on harassment and is currently embroiled in harassing three black ladies who are taking you to court for harassment and blatant racism?

2: You mean Neil and myself created a topical News site where people are invited to post ‘News items and current topics of public interest?
Which Lies? Which Misinformation? These are very spurious and subjective terms as is much of this letter, whereas the items posted on our site are facts and screenshots of actual events.

3: Are these screenshots from the actual news site concerned? Are they validated with date stamps and user identification? Are they of Neil, Myself or someone else, why are you bothering a person/persons with no connection to these people?

4: Again, You mean Neil and I created a topical News site where people are invited to post ‘News items and current topics of public interest?
Would you contact the partner of the owner and creator of say a Huffington post about an article one of its contributors made?

5: Can it be proved this vulnerable woman is not the internet troll Monkey who has tried to drive people to suicide, self-harm, and ruination and gloats about doing so with your friends on Twitter daily?
Are you yourself with your friends, and who you are proud to say are friends, endangering mental health and threatening livelihoods by your harassment, doxing, racist innuendoes and intimidation, incidentally isn’t all this about just that?

6: Apart from the majority of this section being hugely fictional aren’t you yourself subject to several investigations and police complaints? Much of which is now targeting Black women who have raised 20 thousand pounds from 100’s of contributors to take you to task about you and your associates/Friends/ buddies/ co-founders/ partners in crime, harassing people daily?

7: So essentially you are harassing the wife of one of the website creators for topical news items, which she has no control over or say in to harass the creator of that site by proxy? Also, are you threatening police action for an individual who has posted a very important article concerning people being driven to suicide by your associates/friends/ buddies/ co-founders/ partners in crime, and not by Neil himself or his wife?

And finally

It would seem harassment in your little entourage is a door which can only swing one way, and that by threatening to contact people with nothing to do with all this debacle you believe you can manipulate people involved in exposing years of doxing, intimidation, and many other cyber crimes from telling theirs and other peoples stories?

Get ready for “Trolled to Death – Part 2”, because it’s coming soon and it’s gonna be a doozy.

4 thoughts on “Spankds Response to Blackmail

  1. Even Derbyshi*e C*nstabulary are fed up of Mrs Calories-Failure. Her threats are empty, if I can assist you in any way let me know. As for racist, her pal ex Det Con “Reds” Haslam was blocked from joining the EDL when his Jamaican Dad was uncovered.

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