The Time to Spank has come…

1st things first.

Thank you to Spank’d for this opportunity to place a marker on the ground.

Before we get into detailed articles on the rot within the UK, it would be wise to give a considered summary of where we are in the UK, then the World on this Sunday the 4th of September 2022.

I’ll not write a million words on either, I could easily, but I’d bore myself to death before then, let alone any reader.


We’re about to have a new PM, Liz Truss, she’s all for autarky in the UK, she is mildly autistic and as such represents a difficult subject for the Civil Service to oppress into conformity, her autism is clearly the type that causes her to hold an idea against the winds of change.

Heading for autarky will put the fear of Christ himself up the ahses of the collective ‘bot’ that is our Civil Service.

I have some hope that Fracking, North Sea Contracts and a review of the renewable industry will occur, just today she has said, “Use factory roofs, not Fields” for solar, something that should have been said decades ago, I certainly said it 20yrs ago.

But Big Farmer/Land-owner has been as powerful in the past and is just as real as Big Pharma is today.

Our Civil Service has tied us to Globalism as the risks of decision making are spread and any blame too.

I will deal with how we “got here” in other pieces on SPANK’D… but right now, after 7wks of fucking around the Tories look to have (surprisingly) bought themselves a NEW BROOM and not the Trigger’s Broom that Rishi Sunak was going to be.

We shall see.

The World:

Today the “World” means the USA and Russia, with China hoping against hope that those two are going to hobble each other enough to let them take-away Taiwan “Hong Kong style”. (i.e. not in the style of battered meatballs covered in blood red sauce)

Putin got his 1st Class PhD in Economics, his subject was Autarky and Actuarialism. He studied that according to his own words because he wanted to understand how such a small Country (Germany) could hold the World at bay from 1933 to 1942 despite sanctions worldwide.

In the USA we have the World’s most famous dementia sufferer, Joseph Robinette Biden.

There’s no point trying to discern the mind at work in that walking corpse/zombie, because it is simply absent, Absent Minded is what he is.

In China the World has to contend with Xi.

We’ve not done that well, since Biden came to power, Putin has dealt with him like a ‘pro’, Xi and Putin are now sitting at the same Gambling Table whilst Biden is still looking for an Ice Cream Parlour… in a different fucking town!

Xi inherited a China that was already autarkic but he has added to that fabulous situation and his state now operates under the oldest term in the English word for “seller or provider”… armenter.

Xi presides over an Armentist Economy, the provider to the World, there are few of these around, Russia is another, the other potential one being the Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation firmly in the sights of China as this is being written.

The Chinese version of the noble and fine actuarialism is a repulsive one, “social credits” for good behaviour and debits for bad behaviour.

Today we have a Globalist USA lead by a Demented Husk ranged up against an Autarkic Russia lead by a PhD equipped ex-GRU officer and Armentist China lead by an oppressive “Indian Giver” with no heart to speak of.

Globalism is only as strong as it’s weakest link… as we can see in Germany and many other Countries today.

Closing matters: In my next article I will address how the above has come about in each of the main subjects here.


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