What’s wrong with policing?

It seems each week we are seeing police officers aligning themselves with different groups to ingratiate themselves with certain demographics. The police do this to build trust and cooperation from those groups because there is a lack of trust from the groups about the police.

Here’s a question though. Would policing fairly without prejudice get the same result though? Would a none racist, none homophobic, none misogynistic etc police force get the same or better results than dressing up in high heels to ingratiate the LGBTQ community that doesn’t trust the police for example?

Would treating women fairly and kindly at a protest about a police officer murdering a woman get better results that beating them with batons and roughly arresting them?

I suspect the police wouldnt need to ingratiate themselves with all these different communities if these communities trusted the police, so what the police are doing is over compensating. Does it have the desired effect though? I doubt it, these communities know deep down that the police are paying lip service.

In spite of promoting an ultra woke image, the police are racist, misogynistic, islamophobic, anti semitic and homophobic

This ingratiation has a negative impact as everybody knows that the police are just paying lip service with these overt displays. How much police time is wasted here? How many crimes could have been solved if the police just policed fairly rather than behaved they way they do and then waste time and money overcompensating for their piss poor behaviour?

The new Met Police commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, recently advised he wanted people to tell him what was wrong with policing. Well here you go Mark. Maybe you could tell your officers to the just police fairly, stop the bullshit, and call out the bigots in your ranks.

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