No Fruitcake Again

Spankd Media was at Chelmsford Crown Court today for the hearing scheduled for serial fraudster and conman, John Sheller.

Sheller is due to appear in Court 2 in front of His Honour Judge Morgan at 11:45am for mention and to set a date for trial.

I went to sit in the gallery at 11:35am and observed much mumbling, tutting and eye rolling from the court staff. Sheller hadn’t turned up again! The court are clearly losing patience with Sheller.

At 11:45 prompt Judge Morgan announced sternly that he is not prepared to wait any longer for Mr Sheller and asked the legal representatives from Essex Probation if they were ready to proceed, which they confirmed they were.

Judge Morgan advised that he would proceed to trial on the 20th April where two hours should be scheduled to hear the case and went on to advise that Mr Sheller should be told in very strong terms that if he fails to show that the hearing will proceed without him.

The rope is tightening Jon. The court is fed up with you fucking about and time wasting.

I can’t wait to see this worm squirm on the 20th April.

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