Who is Joker?

Anybody who has had the displeasure of engaging with the troll known as Joker on Twitter will be aware of what a vile, sad, angry and racist little man he is, and he is a little man. He has attempted to sterilise the internet of his images from various social media sites to protect his anonymity, but some still exist and they show a short, dangerously thin, weak-bodied man. Some of the images are in regular casual clothing and some more distasteful ones dressed as his alter ego cross-dressing male escort persona. Don’t search for those images though as you cannot unsee them. You have been warned.

Joker is part of an online group called Resisting Hate, which although sounds like a very proper and noble group is actually just a front for a gang of online hate-filled trolls who attack anyone politically to the right of Comrade Jeremy Corbyn… or if they are black… or if they are Jewish.

For someone claiming to be against racism and all about equality you wouldn’t expect the Joker to regularly call black people the N-word or white people “white spastics”, but Joker does…regularly, and then still goes on to claim he’s fighting the good fight against fascists! The truth is, Joker is a racist. It’s clear from his posts that he hates people with a differnt skin colour or backgrounds to his own and it’s this kind of behaviour that confirms that Resisting Hate is just a front for online trolls. Other members of Resisting Hate, including its founder Roanna Carlton Taylor, have even gone out on a limb to openly support Joker and the vile and racist things he has said, again contradicting the apparent purpose of their online anti-hate group.

The Joker account is regularly suspended from Twitter due to the racist and hateful content that he posts, and then does occasionally use other personas such as Sidi and Khalifa, but he always returns to the Joker at some point.

Joker is Sameed Damji

Two Metropolitan Police Officers

in 2020 Joker wrote a couple of anonymous emails to my wife to try to cause trouble between us. He followed up these emails within seconds with tweets from his Joker account bragging about what he’d just done, thus linking the Joker account to the harrasing emails sent. Duh! I think we can add stupid to the list of physical and personality flaws.

We reportred the harrasment to the Police who took the issue seriously and arrested him and investigated the issue. The police officer (PC Aaron Hope-Green of Wandsworth Police Station) who took our statement advised that he was aware that Joker was indeed Sameed Damji of Wimbledon and that they had multiple harassment cases he was involved in already.

Damji countered his arrest and the investigation with some mud slinging and made a false counter claim that I had in fact harassed him which resulted in an my arrest and interview. However, the real gem of this unpleasant experience that made it all worth while was that another police officer (DC Layla Sidoui of Wandsworth CID) also confirmed to me when they advised me there would be no further action against me that they knew that Joker was Sameed Damji.

Thats right, two police officers both confirmed that Joker is Sameed Damji of Wimbledon. That’ll do for me thank you.

Isn’t it ironic?

Alanis Morisette

The evidence doesn’t stop there though, long before the police confirmed Damji as the Joker the Internet and social media were full of content linking the account to the same individual. Most damningly was two of his fellow trolls who he fell out with who then went on to dox him!

Further to this Dufus Damji stupidly shared an images of a search warrant served on him by the police and a suspension letter from his empoloyer, both of which clearly displayed his name and address. Yet more evidence of his intellectual challenges and naivity as they were used against him by his troll “friends” during an online fallout/spat where they exposed him like he had exposed others. Isnt it ironic!

List of evidence

  • Search warrant posted by his “friends”
  • Suspension letter from his employer
  • Tweets from his “friends” naming him.
  • Confirmation of the Jokers identify by two police officers

Dufus Damji has paid a heavy price for his years of hateful online activity. I expect there is quite a lot of tension within the family home. Damji can’t move out of his mums back bedroom as he’s unable to get a permanent job and reluctantly works behind the scenes at his parents pharmacy in Bethnal Green.

No doubt the hate filled cocaine fuelled simpletons family are fed up with the countless visits and raids by the Metropolitan Police, but like all families they will reluctantly continue to support their wayward grown up son, but for how long? How many more six-o-clock knocks on the door can his poor mother take?

There have been multiple reports of his drug crimes and racist online activity to the General Pharmaceutical Council, who must be close to striking him off their register of practising pharmacists.

Sameeds life is falling apart, but there is only one person to blame Sameed and it’s not those nasty Nazis and fascists you claim to be fighting online.

If this article exists, then it must be true!

You know who I am Sameed. If I’ve got anything wrong in this article then sue me or run crying to the police (again). Take me for all I have for defamation.

Readers of this article will know if this article exists out there on the internet that you haven’t sued me and the article hasn’t been removed because everything I’ve said here is true.

Finally, I forgot to mention you’re a prick.

2 thoughts on “Who is Joker?

  1. I am happy to add myself to that, Samweed, sue me. Oh wait, defamation is a civil suit so you’ll need at lest £10,000 a day to retain a KC and team. In the decade or so since Resisting Hygiene said they would “get me” all that happened was that I was sworn at online several times. Wow, just Wow. RH? Freak show. Rotato (morbidly obese) Ashleigh (Monkey, failed porn star) and Joker/Samweed, a joke in himself.


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