Trolled to Death – Part 1

TRIGGER WARNING: There are some sensitive images below. Don’t scroll down unless you are ok with images of self harm.

After the tragic death of 14-year-old Molly Russell due to the dangers of online trolls, I see it as my duty to shout from the rooftops about a very nasty far-left, racist hate group, laughably known as Resisting Hate (RH) run by the manipulative ghoul, Roanna Carlton-Taylor.

Who are Resisting Hate?

Resisting Hate claims to be an anti hate organisation, but you dont have to scratch too far below the surface to find some serious online hatred being propagated by them.

RH has been around for over 10 years and is found mostly on Twitter, patrolling like bullies in a playground protecting their queen hater, Roanna, as she manipulates her followers to dox, intimidate and bully anyone who disagrees with them. Roanna uses three trolls and a handful of anonymous accounts (which she probably runs herself).

The three trolls are known as Laz, Joker and Monkey. Laz, a fat mess called Chris Tatham, was outed by his ex-wife Karen (Tatham) after he sexually abused her young daughter. Joker, an account run by Wimbledon resident and pharmacist Sameed Damji, a transvestite prostitute whose online porn site listed incest, twinks, water sports, and “sex on drugs” as some of his kinks. Finally Monkey, an account run by both Roanna and her house elf Ashleigh. Ashleigh pretends to be a ‘person of colour’ – but then again many of the RH trolls have pretended to be black for convenience at some point to excuse their own racism and despite their disgusting Racism over the past two years against three black activists (as I wrote about recently #Bananagate)

Would members of a real anti hate group spew this bile?

Laz after a failed attempt at losing a professional dancer her job tries his luck in her direct messages.

Resisting Hates M.O.
Encouraging self harm and sexualising chidlren.

RH will relentlessly attack you, your family and anyone you hold close to you or even interact with online. They will post pics of your children and sexualise them – even talk of raping them. They intend to get into your head, and your life and try to destroy your livelihood and in their desperation, push you to self-harm and even suicide as they did with Frank Jennings – a man whose life they destroyed who after he attempted suicide, later died from other complications. Then there’s Adam who had quite severe mental health issues – they made him self-harm in real-time on Twitter, blackmailing him to carve their names into his leg as he slit his own throat and wrist.

This was poor Adam after they had finished with him soaked in blood with an open throat and wrist, he was taken to hospital and nothing was heard of him since.
More from Roanna’s good friend Joker who she claims suffers from “toxic twitter” to excuse his racism and hatred.
After the death of Frank Jennings here they are gloating and trying their luck again.
More of Laz in the poor young dancer’s DMs

More recently during #Bananagate (as the hate group relentlessly doxed and bullied three black activists) the Joker account alongside the Monkey account tried desperately to push a young disabled lady to kill herself. They tried to get her Twitter account suspended by mass reporting her and she was devastated. The attack was relentless and in turn, she tweeted she was contemplating suicide so spent the night ringing the Samaritans and other outreach groups. I tweeted Roanna telling her to back off, saying if anything should happen to this lady, I’ll make sure this will land at her feet. I then received two calls from the police as it was seen as a “threat” until I explained the facts. The polices interest seems to have ended there. It seems they are more bothered about upsetting Roanna than Roannas gang pushing someone towards suicide.

A desperate cry for help

Although I agree the Police have better things to do than police Twitter posts and “hurty fee fees”, Twitter are shit at taking down trolls! The Police would rather arrest someone for offending these monsters pushing people to self-harm and suicide. You’d think that a person claiming to be a “troll antidote” and claiming to be anti-bullying, flying the banner “Bullyoff CIC” would be a breath of fresh air? Well, think again.

The person behind Bullyoff is convicted con man and serial liar Jonathan (Jon) Sheller, who a Judge in Exeter stated has “mental health issues”. He is in fact desperate to befriend Roanna and not only ignores the bullying, intimidation and doxing, he openly backs her. Sheller makes out he has a team of professionals and a legal team ready to help, but all he does is gather private information from the victims and later use it against them when they realise he’s a fraud. One lady who went to him for help told me he publicly posted what details she gave him – I can confirm this as I was taken in by him when he convinced me he could help me take down these trolls. We spoke on the phone several times and every time he was constantly digging for information from me to try and get my location and phone number. All I told him is I lived near Stafford and low and behold after I set a trap for him where I made a “red Sarah” account he DM’d me a long message that was full of lies including that he had private information on “Border” (me) that I wouldn’t dare turn on him. Well, Instantly I dragged him to the kerb. Would you expect someone who claims to be anti-bullying and a “troll antidote” to have a Twitter rap sheet including threats of violence, abuse and harassment, and the constant stream of lies?

Troll antidote my arse. Con man Sheller was caught out abusing a woman who decided not to use his services after seeing him liking RHs tweets.
Jon sheller the conman and fake white knight showing his true colours.

Why are they getting away with it?

Resisting Hate and its trolls have gotten away with this disgusting behaviour for many years and destroyed many lives along the way. I’d say they don’t understand what impact they have on people’s lives but they know exactly what they are doing. Roanna Carlton Taylor is the puller of strings and puts up this increasingly fake facade of a sweet and innocent middle-aged housewife but inside she is rotten to the core. She’s evil personified. I used to think she was just an ego junkie and desperate for attention but after speaking in DM with her recently, I’m convinced she has serious mental health issues after she stated that the Joker account (Sameed Damji) is a victim of “toxic twitter” when it’s obvious to all that he, just like her and their vile anonymous cowards, are serious online terrorists doing their best to destroy lives and actively encourage others to take theirs.


One thing I will say is don’t feed the trolls and don’t take them too seriously, they exist purely to cause offence and for attention. Even if they post your private details just remember that NOBODY CARES what shit they post and nothing will happen. But if you are affected by their head games then please speak to someone and don’t do anything stupid.

This article will be forwarded to the Police in Wimbledon and Derbyshire with the hope they will take action. The new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, has recently said he wants to hear where the police are failing. Well Mark, heres an example, will you act?

If you or anybody you know are beeing trolled online then please support them and suggest they seek help from the Samaritans if they need it. Lets not let another Molly Russell happen because of these monsters who get their kicks out of other peoples suffering.
Or call 116 123

3 thoughts on “Trolled to Death – Part 1

  1. How can they keep getting away with this? Roanna needs arresting and her media ceased.
    She has it within her grasp to stop it but all she does is encourage and make excuses for her pet ghouls.


  2. Dear Spank’d I usually just give a “like” then move on, but a few errors need clarification. I was quiet last week as I attended the Tory conference, where I spoke to the Home Secretary. I only had 2 minutes and began with some legal points on anonymity pre charging then moved on to the Daniel Morgan murder. HOWEVER – there were several meetings on social meejah and hate speech. RH are not far left. The far left never deal with plod. RH are never away from Old Bill. You omit mention of Nick Raybould. Also, Karen Graham of Bury (Dubdanu). You omit Derbyshi*e C*nstabulary paying Carleton-Taylor. You omit Euan Stewart (Lib Dem, pal of Sheller). Apart from that – RH are half a dozen cranks whom the police find useful, hurty words equate with easy arrests. The wind is turning though.

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