Fruitcake – The Story of Financial Fraudster, Political Fantasist and Confidence Trickster, Jon Sheller

Jon (Jonathan) Sheller. Political Strategist and CEO of an Anti-Bullying Organisation. Or liar, financial fraudster and convicted conman?

Jon would have you believe the former, but if you dig a little deeper into Jon Sheller you will find this is a facade that he promotes and a world away from the truth. Sheller is actually a convicted financial fraudster, political fantasist and confidence trickster who, despite having been sentenced to twenty days rehabilitation as part of a 2021 conviction, is still falsely representing himself online, participating in online bullying and extortion of private information. We have to question why his parole officer at Colchester Probation isn’t all over this as this would appear to be a continuation of the behaviours that the rehabilitation order sought to correct.

Financial Fraudster

In 2017 Sheller defrauded a lady (who he had met through an online dating site) of a few thousand pounds. After much filibusting by Sheller to slow down the process and avoid justice, the case finally went to court in 2021. However, these petty attempts to slow down judicial procedures were not accepted by Judge Peter Johnson who proceeded with the case after some delays where Sheller advised he would get representation and then failed to do so. Sheller also asked to change his original guilty plea to not guilty. Judge Johnson appears to have tired of Shellers antics and pressed ahead with sentencing where he was finally convicted and sentenced to a fifteen-month community order, one hundred and fifty hours of community service and twenty days rehabilitation. Judge Johnson went on to describe Sheller as suffering mental health issues and as “Thoroughly Mean”.

A final interesting point to note from the trial was that Shellers apparent mental health issues were on display when he made paranoid statements in court such as “Members of the Public Gallery were his enemies” and “they were tweeting about him on social media”.

False Claims of Political Authority

When I first came across Sheller he was presenting himself as a political strategist for the Liberal Democrat Party and claiming to be part of the leadership with access to Members of Parliament and other high profile political movers and shakers. At this time, I recall somebody telling me to “Steer clear of Sheller, he’s a fruitcake”, which although may be an insensitive reference to somebody with mental health issues would appear to be appropriate for this individual who has a combination of issues which are capped off with an unfortunate personality.

At the time of becoming aware of Sheller he was making a lot of noise and allegations about a young man called James Spiby made famous on social media for his wacky dancing on a YouTube video that went viral. Sheller was making a number of, what I believe to be, unfounded claims and unsettling accusations about this individual, which makes me wonder – was this the cause of his suspension and subsequent expulsion from the Liberal Democrat Party following a hearing in June 2021? This is unconfirmed though as the Lib Dem hearing papers are redacted and the source of Shellers ire was simply named as “X”.

The details of the hearing can easily be found by a quick search of Shellers name on the Lib Dem website. This will turn up case number 19, which is a ruling of the ruling of the Federal Appeals Panel. Chaired by David Graham and Jennie Rigg on 29th June 2021.

The papers mentioned how Sheller claimed to work on behalf of the party leadership, to have been appointed by the party to work with victims of bullying and harassment and most worryingly representing himself as having the status and authority in the party which might lead victims of wrong doing into contacting him rather than the actual responsible officers in the party or the police. The papers are quite lengthy, but one of the findings of the hearing was that “Sheller had been found to be deliberately lying”.

CEO of Fake Anti-Bullying Organisation

Sheller is now presenting himself as the CEO of an online anti bullying organisation called BullyOff, reminiscent of his disproven proclamations about his role and status in the Liberal Democrat Party. It would seem that the twenty days of rehabilitation he was sentenced to have not had the desired impact as Sheller can be found inserting himself into others people’s business on social media with an aim to extracting personal information which he later uses to bully and intimidate them with. Thats right, the pretend CEO of a fake anti-bullying organisation is actively involved in bullying and sharing private data. I’ve seen these behaviours first hand and although I cant share the images of the messages, as they were later deleted because of violations, I can share the violation notices themselves.

The BullyOff Deception

One social media user contacted Sheller for his help and was told that his organisation, BullyOff, has qualified social workers and legally qualified people ready to help. This is a complete fabrication and its intention is to paint a picture of an organisation larger than just the one man fantasy that BullyOff really is.


On first coming into contact with Sheller, most people would believe him to be a normally functioning person, but as Judge Johnson identified he is suffering some mental health issues. Whatever these mental health issues are though they do not excuse his ongoing crimes and behaviours, hence this article has been shared with his probation team as well as the police.


Social media users would be well warned to steer clear of engaging with Sheller and to never share private info with him.

If you genuinely need help or support, then contact official organisation’s who are equipped to support you rather than being taken in by this fraudster.


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6 thoughts on “Fruitcake – The Story of Financial Fraudster, Political Fantasist and Confidence Trickster, Jon Sheller

  1. There’s so much more to delve into with this vile man including how he gathers information that he states is in confidence and then posts publicly, and his partner in crime nic James (@NicolaJames007) who seems to be his pom pom girl, and the fact he sucks up and backs vile racist trolls who push people to self harm and suicide and uses the N word and posts bananas at black people to (teach them a lesson). Perhaps a part 2 if he doesn’t just fuck off and stop targeting the vulnerable

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