Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

The protesters at the migrant hotels in Knowsley are being described by the press as “far right”. Not “parents concerned about the children” or “residents concerned about the predatory nature of some of the migrants housed in hotels”… no these people with legitimate concerns are referred to as “far right”. Why are these people with genuine concerns tarnished with this label?

The government, police and media would have us believe that the far-right is the fastest growing area of terrorism and incidents in the UK right now. They’d even try to convince you that there are more far right incidents than there are say… Islamic terror incidents. That can’t be right though can it?

Serious offences are committed by many groups, but clearly Islamic extremism and the terrorism that goes hand in hand with it is far more prevalent that the incidents caused by all other groups combined. It’s probably fair to say that Islamic extremism terrorism is larger both in the number of incidents and the severity.

But we are told that the far right is the fastest growing problem. But by what measure? It can’t be right.

Why are the government, police and media peddling this bullshit? One can only guess that they want to play down the terrorist acts to a group who are prone to acts of violence when they throw their dummy’s out of the pram for some perceived injustice. Or at least that’s what you’d hope, let’s hope it’s nothing more sinister.

The police do seem scared to tackle known extremists too. How many times have we heard that the perpetrator from a terror act was known to the authorities? Almost every time I would suggest.

And there are people out there who are a threat but who the police don’t seem to be bothered with tackling. A chap called Sameed Damji from Wimbledon would be one example that I know of. Sameed has publicly stated on Twitter using one of his many frequently suspended accounts accounts that he supports ISIS and HAMAS. He claims to have given peoples details to ISIS, advised how he wants to get a handgun and kill people and how he’s changed the prescription drugs of white people he has dispensed for (he’s a pharmacist). All terrible threats or crimes, but not terrible enough for the Metropolitan Police to actually do anything about. The police won’t step in until a lunatic extremists goon like this actually harms somebody, and then we will hear that famous trope “known to the police and intelligence services”.

Fudging the figures.

The stats the the police are reporting in these terrorism figures are misleading. They are not reporting terror convictions as you might expect, but instead terror arrests that were made under terror legislation. It’s quite normal for police to exaggerate the reason for a search or arrest with a senior officer or magistrate, but when these offences come to charging they have often been downscaled or diluted massively. But the statistics aren’t downgraded! Somebody arrested for a terror offence and then charged with a much lesser offence is still recorded as a terror offence in the stats. Bonkers! This is why the police are able to fudge the figures and show that “Far right” incidents are increasing, but actually all this really is is an example of the police politicising policing and deliberately mis-categorising offences to suit their own narrative.

The Metropolitan Polices new commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, recently advised that he wants people to tell him what’s wrong with policing. Well Mark, arresting people for saying offensive things whilst not arresting people for threatening terrible things would seem to be an area you could start, even if that skews the figures and your false claims that the far right is the UKs biggest problem. Id suggest politicised policing was one of the UKs biggest problems.

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One thought on “Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

  1. A blog post in two parts, firstly the XRW “threat”. Given the divisive nature of the far right it is hard to see any real action coalesing. Then there is Samweed Damji. He is nothing more than an older version of a 3 year old, running into a room and shouting “Bum! Willy!”. Of course plod do nothing, they pay him.

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