An insight into the vicious racist behaviour of the far left.

What is #Bananagate? Well, for those not following the saga on Twitter, it’s a very entertaining spat between two Far-Left groups. One group is the extremely hateful group known as ‘Resisting Hate’, run by white saviour Roanna Carlton Taylor of Chesterfield. The other is ‘Orisa’, run by three black women – Judy Gatiss, Tanya Byfield and Jasinya Powell.

The Bananagate saga started over a year ago and was instigated by Roanna Carleton Taylors trolls, “Joker” (AKA Sameed Abdulkarim Damji) and Monkey (AKA Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks) who both spend their days (and nights) scanning Twitter looking for victims. They came across a comment by an account called ‘Jamie Kay’ who had been called out by the aforementioned Judy Gatiss for a Tweet he posted that she determined was racist. (Let’s face it, to these Far-Left soy-supping snowflakes, everything is racist). This one-to-one interaction started a chain of events that led to a group of people comparing who had the darkest skin tone, to who was the best at tackling ‘the Fash’ (for clarity, they mean Fascists, not Fashionistas).

The Joker account was outed by his own “friends” many years ago as Sameed Abdulkarim Damji – a former NHS Pharmacist from Wimbledon – after he was kicked out of the troll gang for being constantly off his face on cocaine and going too far with his online abuse. This time was no exception and Joker posted vile tweets calling black ladies from Orisa “n*ggers” and saying they should be put back in chains. Not far behind him was the Monkey account (Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks) who started posting banana emojis at them. For me, this was hard to watch so I can’t imagine how the three ladies and their followers felt. Resisting Hate (RH) and their trolls are supposed to be “anti-hate” and “anti-racism” but here they were, actively engaging in the worst anti-black racism I had seen on Twitter.

This quickly escalated into all-out war as RH do what RH do and the doxing began. RH are well known for doxing, intimidation and harassment, they will do everything in their power to destroy the lives of anyone that disagrees with them and this time was no different but for these black women, they went full throttle with their efforts to dox and intimidate.

A so-called “anti-hate” group calling black people “n*ggers” and posting banana emojis to them! Yes, you heard that right. It all came from members of a group laughingly called Resisting Hate.

The RH trolls posted all the ladies’ private information including e-mails, their full names and addresses and proceeded to make it real. The ladies received racist e-mails that were nothing short of sickening. Not stopping there, they attacked their children in the way only seen by RH friends by sexualising them and even mocking Judy’s seriously ill daughter and autistic son. Roanna (founder and leader of Resisting Hate) said nothing of course and as usual, pretended to be an innocent victim yet changed her Twitter bio to make it clear that she was “good friends” with both Joker and Monkey.

Meanwhile, dozens of RH anonymous suck-up accounts relentlessly and racially attack these three black ladies whilst Roanna pretended to be a victim herself, actively stoking the fires to encourage her troll friends to propagate their hatred.

Are you starting to doubt RH’s anti-hate credentials?

Roanna and her Resisting Hate Twitter account have been permanently banned from Twitter multiple times for harassment, abuse, and posting private information, including my own.

I was a victim of this group as they hacked my Yell entry and destroyed my business. They sent me and my daughter death threats via email and texts. They also put my daughter’s details next to a sex worker’s schedule, put her details on sex worker forums, and also sent it to all her friends on Facebook. As you would expect this caused problems between me and my daughter that still exist to this day. The RH trolls still brag about the relationship they destroyed. Fighting hate…. Yay!

I have to ask, is Roanna one of these sock accounts or is she really innocent in this? Well, I’ve studied this woman and her group for over six years and she’s been caught out on other Twitter accounts – even replying on the troll Monkey Twitter account; quite literally mistakenly responding to a message to her Twitter account from another Twitter account. Duh Roanna!

Roanna NEVER calls out the hatred and bullying from her own side, likely because being she’s the one pulling the strings and encouraging it. The Resisting Hate organisation is all about Roanna’s ego and if you look at her online presence she has a finger in every social media pie. From Facebook, to blogs and even witchcraft blogs where she states “manipulating others to do what I want them to do” is her special power.

Resisting Hate or Causing Misery?

Resisting Hate has been around for over ten years and in that time they have caused untold misery to many people under the umbrella of “anti-fascism”. As far as I can see, all they do is patrol Twitter looking to bully anyone who has the cheek to think differently from them. One of these people was a mild-mannered hard-working Conservative by the name of Frank Jennings. To cut a long story short, the RH Trolls got him sacked from the job he loved after a prolonged bullying campaign against his employer. They stated Frank was a racist when in fact he was only guilty of being a Conservative voter. Frank attempted suicide and survived, but sadly, he later died of heart related issues. The RH Trolls then trolled his family on the day of his funeral. How vile is that?

Another person who came under RH attack was a man with mental health issues. RH trolls blackmailed him and gaslighted him into slashing his own throat and wrists. He went on to carve the word “Laz” into his flesh and post the pictures to please RH. He was hospitalised for his injuries and fragile mental health and subsequently he was left severely traumatised and, thankfully, left Twitter. To note; Laz is a lesser-known irrelevant troll who pretends to be black to claim racism, but who forgets he sent us a picture of his arm and hand holding a note. That arm was white. Below are some screenshots of the RH Trolls laughing and joking as this poor chap smeared blood on his screen with Roannas “good friend” Monkey in the background.


As you’d expect, the three ladies from Orisa didn’t sit back and take the racism directed at them. They tried the police but hit a brick wall so they started a fund to take legal action against RH, which so far has raised around £20k.

Orisa and its followers put up a good fight and I named the saga #Bananagate for all to keep track of the onslaught of RH which we thoroughly enjoyed, particularly because it shit all over the myth that RH were anti-racist – but we already knew that! As stated earlier, I, along with some good friends, have been studying RH for many years. In that time we have collected extensive information on these social media trolls and bullies and have attempted to pass it on to Orisa in the hope it will assist their case. Ever the manipulator, Roanna knew we would do this so she made us a hot potato by cooking up propaganda that we are “Far-Right racists” and Orisa would be working with the Far Right. It worked a treat for Roanna as, quite rightly, Orisa did not want to be connected to the Far Right. However, they did quietly take the information sent in DM and then blocked our accounts and have since treated us like the shit on their shoe. I’ve since tried to help Orisa with advice and even organised interviews that would bring recognition of their cause to a larger audience, but Roanna’s manipulation ruled that out. Nonetheless, Orisa received the information on who each of these trolls are and where they can be found so hopefully they are now in a good position to take legal action.

Are Orisa just as bad?

These three women are quite aggressive and just like Roanna, they are not blameless when it comes to encouraging social media pile-ons. I’ve seen people go out of their way to help Orisa only to be cast aside and ignored. I don’t think these ladies have realised they are slowly becoming that they are fighting. As I’m sat back enjoying #Bananagate I didn’t pay attention to the poisonous venom Orisa and a few of their followers spew until recently when I was dragged in.

My dealings with Orisa aren’t pleasant ones as I do find them extremely over the top anti-white racists themselves. They mock Roanna for being the “white saviour” and surrounding herself with white aggressive people, but these three black women are surrounded by mostly white people who judging by their MySpace activity are terrified of saying the wrong thing. Orisa has turned on their own before for stupid little things they class as “microaggression” or “reverse racism” and other woke nonsense.

Judy posted a screenshot of an account called John Border who she assumed was me due to the name (Border) and the account talking about a deal she has with me. She then organised a MySpace where I had to go in and post proof we had some sort of deal. I found this quite hypocritical as I’ve been branded a racist by two groups spouting racism at each other. The hypocrisy is, that they’ve never posted proof of racism from me.

A few days before I tried to contact a few of Gatiss’s followers asking them to do a YouTube video of the grief and racism they have suffered for all to access. However, I was met with the most uncalled for rudest bile ever so I was already annoyed by them. I made a recording calling them thick for not noticing the John Border account was very obviously not me. I did however get an unexpected apology from Judy, so I admitted the message I put out about her running to me was not true. I had to chuckle when her followers came at me accusing me of causing Orisa many months of pain despite the fact I said what I said only two days previously yet I was being blamed for Roannas propaganda.


Orisa went ahead with their MySpace and I listened in. I’m glad I did Because it gave me an insight into these three women. It started well enough with the usual stuff, but I started getting an idea of these women’s characters and it soon became clear that they have a warped and hateful view of the UK and white people in particular. One of the ladies, Tanya, stood out to me as very immature and what she said about her son deeply disturbed me. Tanya stated she had to have a chat with him because he was about to start secondary school. She said, “people hate him because of the pigment in his skin”. She said she crushed his spirit and his face dropped. I can only sumise that he was thinking about his white mates at school. This child’s first step into racism is his mother planting her anti-white racist seed. Say this the other way around? The mother would arrested and her kids taken away. Listening to the other two, all I could imagine is their parents had the same conversation with them at that age, and that’s why they are here today, thus allowing their cycle of anti-white racism to continue. I didn’t get a bad vibe from the other two, I thought Judy was very mature and not a bad person. I know they are angry and have been put through it along with their families but they haven’t suffered like Frank Jennings and the other poor lad. As far as I know, their relationship with their families and their livelihoods are intact. The only thing they have is the race card.


Looking at #Bananagate I see two Far-Left extremist groups locked in a battle of stupid childish name-calling that’s gone way too far. It’s a shame that innocent people are caught up in this and terrible that social media is such a dangerous place, particularly Twitter. Granted it’s mainly because of the actions of Resisting Hate and it is sub-human child doxing followers who seem to have a strange interest in sexualising children in their posts, but the Orisa women need to realise they are becoming the very people they are fighting.

I seriously hope Orisa can take Roanna and her trolls to the cleaners but with their behaviour, I now doubt it.

Will they simply be replacing Resisting with Orisating Hate who also encourage pile ons and bully those who disagree with them?

Our part in this was to arm Orisa with the information they need to have Roanna and her trolls prosecuted, but it took me back six years as it was exactly like dealing with RH branding me a far-right racist. Well, I can safely say the colour of their skin had nothing to do with it and my input was merely to help remove dangerous trolls from sexualising and doxing our children. If that makes me racist then guilty as charged.

5 thoughts on “#Bananagate

  1. Just amazing that this hateful group, RH, are still here after all they have done over the years.

    I too have studied this group closely. It’s now time their action had consequences. I hope these ladies do take Roanna and RH to the cleaners. She is the centre of all this. She pulls the strings.

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