Net Zero… a danse macabre for the Zombie Classes across the UK today.

Net Zero

Thanks to Spank’d for the space to take on the Zombified.

Net Zero… two words that can easily and readily gain a less than kind or charitable two word response from any person that has a decent brain and not an electrified cauliflower lolling about aimlessly on their shoulders.

For all the zombies cursed with brassica-like minds my response in unequivocal language are those two words… fuck off.

No capitals, no exclamation marks, no quotes, just a plain, heartfelt fuck off.

The reasons are many and I do need to explain myself to show it isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to zombies attempting to take my Porsche away from me, they will have to pry the keys of it out of my cold, dead hands first.

Carbon Dioxide: It’s a compound gas, in that it can be used to make things, grab it out of the atmosphere and you have plant life with a little help from water and sunlight but it’s the NATURE of Compound Gases that they want to combine and do useful things.

I, for one, am extremely grateful for that.

At 400/450ppm. we are at a dangerously low level of CO2, below 150ppm. and we would starve to death, we would have no plants that grow higher than 5cms, we would be grazing like cattle.

In the past we had 4,000ppm., but that really does bring modern man a lot of problems, the ideal is around 900ppm. +/- 600ppm.

We have some way to go to get to that figure and even 2,000ppm would be OK if you don’t mind mowing the lawn every damned day, because that’s about the only real world effect it would have on most us, the ATCO Mower that sits sulking in the shed at the moment would be fucked in 3 months by the sheer growth rate of the green sward.

The real issue being that once over 2500ppm. the Oxygen level would as a consequence rise quite a bit, 30% being almost instantaneous at that point, the effect after 2,500ppm. would be that if you struck a match it would be like you just lit a firework, great for November the Fifth but a little dangerous at any other time.

You and I would also be permanently “high” at that level too, think like living on Laughing Gas 24/7 for a short while then becoming comatose until death dragged us away as a kindness.

Anaesthetists know that to “keep you under” whilst you have an operation they just up the Oxygen to around 28%.

This means that entire basis for NET ZERO is more than 1,000 years too early on the human landscape.

Sadly the zombified have eaten each others cauliflowers, as is the way with all zombies, and they have no capacity to accept reality, it is not a case of them even knowing enough, any one of them could read this, go check the details, read it again, check the details again and do that for a year non-stop but because their cauliflowers have been eaten by other zombies just as ignorant as stupid as they are themselves, they retain nothing once the page of life is turned.

Ever wondered why you have the same moron dragging its feet across your Social Media timeline?.. well now you have your answer, you have attracted a zombie.

Please feel free, in fact I ENCOURAGE YOU, to use this web page address as a way to divert them.

Another two words may now come to mind when approached by the Net Zero heathen now “Internet Zombie”


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