A Spanking good Xmas and New Year.

2022 was notable for the emergence of “Spank’d Media”. A variety of commentators coming together to discuss topics as diverse as Chinese advances in technology and military matters to doxxing trolls such as Alice Brooks (Monkey), Joker (Samweed A Damji) Niliyyah Rashid (Halal Kitty) and many more.

So, from all at “Spank’d” to our readers at home and abroad, have a great Christmas. 2023 promises far more troll doxxing entertainment.

2 thoughts on “A Spanking good Xmas and New Year.

    1. Dear Samweed, you are a deeply sick individual. Usually one feels sorry but in your case any empathy is tinged with the knowledge that you are merely paid by plod and that they, plus Hippopotanna – grow weary of you. Now, back to your cess pit. Drink bleach.


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