Get woke, go broke.

“Or how Labour lost the red wall”

By now, most of us who use social media, or who have even a small amount of interest in the political activity of the country will have heard the phrase, “Get woke, go broke”.  We usually see it used when some company sends out a virtue signal in support of one of an ever increasing array of supposedly minority, or oppressed groups, or communities.  There is then a backlash from people who see this as a shallow act on behalf of the company, or see it as undermining their own view of society, usually a small “c” conservative view.

Over the last few weeks I have been considering the reasons why Labour and left wing politics were struggling as a whole. Then today a very strange occurrence took place. I was listening to LBC Radio and found that I was agreeing with Tony Blair. (I know right! Please don’t judge me). Even Blair has realised that the reason Labour lost so badly in the 2019 election, their supposed red wall crumbled yet further in the recent local elections and then the by-election in Hartlepool, must lie in what they are standing for. By this, he went on to explain, he meant Labour’s obsession with identity politics had alienated their red wall.

Labour have pandered to a loud mouthed minority of far left activists such as Momentum, who funnily enough were also represented on LBC today, accusing those Labour supporters who want a more centrist party of wanting to move the party to the right and be Conservatives.  This Marxist attitude appears to be common in the current crop of far left activists.  We have all encountered the activist on social media who wants to call you fash.  Poor Keir Starmer thought he was doing the right thing by bowing the knee to BLM, but whilst opposing genuine racism is a laudable thing, aligning your party with a small group, that makes false accusations against the rest of society will without fail set society against your party.  So here we are, Momentum and the far left in Labour are pulling the strings, as long as this continues Labour will never win a General Election and we will continue to punish their stupidity in local politics.  Maybe it is time we find another party to be the opposition, but that will raise the issue that they are all on the left of politics too, playing identity politics.

If you have ever encountered one of these activists on social media, you know how it plays out.  You will be arguing a point counter to theirs and before you know it, you are accused of attacking a person because they are “insert minority here”.  What utter bullshit.  The fact that the person is a member of one group or another is usually incidental to the argument.  You will not get an answer when you ask them to show where you were a ….phobe.

Your average Brit is not a racist, nor is he anti trans, he is not a neo fascist, he does not think there are more than 2 genders, but he is not arsed if you think there are 21. He may be more interested in the nuclear family, than the blended, or same sexfamily, but he will not give a monkey’s if you live in one of those family models. He will not hate you for your colour, your sexuality, your religion or your job, (unless you are a parking warden, but that is another article!) He is a worker, he wants to own his own home, his own car and love his own family. However, the left started a culture war with him. This is a battle that a small and gobby minority of Marxists will not win. You have challenged him, he has responded. Labour will not be a government for at least a decade. Your move Marxists!

John Adeyemi.

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