Fruitcake’s Back in Court – Jon Sheller found guilty again.

Spankd is at Chelmsford Crown Court to report upon the the ongoing case of Jon Sheller. You may recall Sheller from our previous article where we reported on his various acts of fraud and deception. Well, he’s back in court today after failing to attend a number of previous occasions.

Shellers case was listed for 2pm at Chelmsford Crown Court in Court number 7 on Thursday the 20th April. Court 7 is an overflow court over the road in the Chelmsford Magistrates building. Off we trot over the road then!

Sheller will be in court 7 in front of Judge Recorder GJ Posner.

Day 1 – 20th April 2023

Sheller is in court today to face Essex Probation Services who have brought him before the court for multiple breaches of his probation conditions. Sheller had previously been convited of fraud and received a suspended sentence and one hundred and fifty hours community service. However, Sheller had failed to turn up to multiple meetings with his probation officer and to date has not accepted any of the work assignments to work off his community service hours.

This is why hes back in court. Sheller has refused to fulfil the conditions of his sentence and if the court find Sheller guilty of these breaches then he could be resentenced, and that could include a custodial sentence.

Better Call Saul

It was a suprise to all in court that Sheller decided to defend himself and it quickly became clear that this was a huge mistake as it would appear that the extent of his legal experience has been watching a couple episodes of Better Call Saul. Two at most…

Sheller seemed to have taken fashion tips from Saul Goodmans too as his court attire consisted of a fresh off the peg at Oxfam ill-fitting shiny suit that still had a label saying “£10” hanging from it.

Once procedings started Sheller was admonished by the judge multiple times for making statements when he should have been questioning the Essex probabtion officer. Shellers rambling commentary lacked structure and was laden with comments he’d heard on TV such as “I put it to you” and “isnt it true?”

Sheller even interupted the judge at one point advising her that “I am trying to help you Ma’am”. I suspect Her Honour has done a little more in the way of legal studies than Shellers Netflix gained legal education though.

After an hour and a quarter of rather entertaining legal shenanighans, the court had to adjurn to deal with another matter, with the plan to resume tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I cant wait.

An artists impression of Sheller in court on day 1 giving the judge legal advice

Day 2 – 21st April 2023

Here we are at the start of Day 2 in the Sheller case and it seems that Shellers defence budget didn’t stretch to a different suit for day 2 in court as he’s wearing the same shiny suit sans the £10 Oxfam label.

Sheller called his friend Jo Hayes to the stand and promptly started to try rehearing the original fraud case, which the judge stopped in its tracks by again admonishing him and directing him to keep his questioning to the breaches in his probation only.

Sheller asked Ms Hayes if she had advised him not to attend one of the work placements offered to him due to his physical frailties which she confirmed she had.

Finally Sheller went on to ask Ms Hayes is she was a founder member of the Liberal Democrat’s before advising the judge “No more questions your honour”.

The judge dismissed Ms Hayes contribution of providing some mitigation for Sheller not attending a work order as she wasn’t a clinical expert. So Hayes contribution to events was that she was a founding member of the Lib Dem’s… thats helpful.

The judge was left with a simple decision at the end of shenanigans, which was a simple binary question. Was Sheller in breach of his probation, and the answer was yes.

The judges next question was what to do about it. Should she resentence him, fine him, give him another order? Given that Sheller was a very frail and ill man who looks like he’s not long for this world it would be pointless giving him another community order. Therefore, the community order was quashed, much to Shellers glee.

In Summary

Jon Sheller was found guilty of breaching his probation terms, but got away very lightly due to his health conditions.

This is likely to embolden the convicted fraudster who has nothing to lose and is likely to continue his criminal ways, his harassment, and deceptions.


Any women being approached by Sheller claiming to be the CEO of an anti bullying organisation should be extremely cautious of sharing any information with him as he will use it to manipulate, harass and maybe even attempt to defraud you.

You have been warned.

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