Exclusive Interview: Prince Harry

In the latest of Spankds exclusive parody interviews I’m interviewing Prince Harry in his California home, more specifically in the shed in the garden where he is locked most of the time.

Froggy: Thanks for meeting me Harry, it’s an honour to get such a scoop.

Harry: it’s ok, I told Her Royal Highness the Queen of Netflix that you were an old friend and you came round to play on my X-box with me. Don’t let her see you write anything down.

Froggy: Understood Harry. So how’s life here in California?

Harry: Can you whisper your questions as I don’t want Her Royal Highness the Queen of Netflix to hear us talking. She doesn’t like me talking.

Froggy: *whispers* so how are things Harry?

Harry: She won’t let me leave the house without her permission and she won’t let me take William or Kates calls. I feel detached, isolated and alone. Can you help me?

Froggy: How?

Harry: Can you get a message to Buckingham Palace and tell that I didn’t write the upcoming book, that I’m being held hostage and Meghan wants a crown as ransom. Ideally the Queens old one with the big diamond in the front.

Harry goes on: I’m frightened of her. I was wearing makeup at the Queens funeral to cover up some bruises on my face. She’s broken a couple of my ribs too.

At this point the door to Harry’s shed burst open and Her Royal Highness the Queen of Netflix burst in and started whipping Harry with a riding crop and screaming at me to get out as Harry had been on the X-box long enough.

Froggy: Best of luck Harry…

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