Is free speech dead? No of course it isn’t!

WARNING: This article contains strong language and opinions that might offend you. If you are easily offended then maybe you shouldn’t read it instead of reading it and then crying about it on social media afterwards!

I’ve argued for free speech, like many people, for as long as I can remember. I strongly believe that we should let stupid people say stupid things and let them learn the hard way what is appropriate and what isn’t.

We’ve seen some of those stupid people recently during the mourning period of the Late Queen Elizabeth II when the police overreacted and arrested people. These insensitive fools should have been left to put up their irrelevant banners declaring that King Charles isn’t their King or to shout obscenities at Prince Andrew. They hadn’t done anything wrong other than proving to all their exceptionally high calibre of fuckwittery and insensitivity.

Dimwits like Twitter’s free speech Stasi such as Resisting Hate, DaveAFAF, Caroline Ost et al don’t believe in free speech though. These thin skinned offence seeking hyper sensitive snowflakes believe that what you read and hear should be censored to suit their delicate constitutions. They spend their days on social media shouting at “fascists”.

These Left Wing Uber Twunts want to live in a politically sterile goldfish bowl where everyone has the same warped beliefs that they do, and anyone that doesn’t should be silenced and denounced as a Nazi or Fascist.

You can attack our social media, but it won’t silence us. Why not grow some balls, and thicker skin and engage in grown-up conversations instead of spending your time wank raging yourself into a frenzy on Twitter crying about how offended you are? #JustSayin


6 thoughts on “Is free speech dead? No of course it isn’t!

  1. They can’t engage in debate because they will lose. This was seen recently as I called Roanna out on her husband publishing sex films depicting child abuse and rape. The likes of jo Dawney/ small of Cardiff think abusing children sexually is exceptable, and if you don’t agree they mass report you. Resisting Hate and its followers are nothing more than peadophiles.

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  2. The filthy Soiled Whites of both sexes mentioned along with the Dark Age Men are our burden these days and it is time to bring about change, the UK is in flux. I have the chance to push for change through agitation on Social Media. We must take this chance and work with to an agreed goal.

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