Is an acronym homophobic?

You might have seen that there are many variations of the alphabetty spaghetti acronym which includes or excludes various gay, lesbian and trans groups. There’s LGB, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+I etc etc. I’ve even seen LGBTQ+P, to recognise the rights of people who are attracted to children, but I think we can all agree nobody should support the P element of society.

So my question in this short piece is…. Does supporting some, but not all of the groups in the various versions of the acronym make you some kind of bigot in this politically correct inclusive society? Well apparently yes it does.

Gay man called homophobic

I was chatting to someone on Twitter who told me he was gay and supported the LGB community. I thought he was just not up to date in the Alphabetty spaghetti inclusive acronym, but he told me no! He supports Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual communities and like many LGB people he doesn’t support many of the additional groups that have been bundled into the acronym, in particular the T-transgender community.

He went on to say how he as a gay man had been called a bigot, transphobic and even homophobic because he didn’t support the trans community. He didn’t disrespect the trans community, he didn’t say bad things about them, he just didn’t support them, in the same way, he did the LGB community, and not overtly supporting the trans community made him a bigot and a homophobe!

Is this an example of the ultra-woke perma offended snowflakes wanting to categorise and label everyone and point fingers at those who choose not to comply with their warped view on what’s right and wrong?

Society generally wants to be inclusive, but where do we draw the line? And does drawing the line mean we aren’t being diverse enough? Should we blindly support every group added to this ever-growing acronym without question? I don’t think so.

Walking the thin pink line

There seems to be a bit of a balancing act between supporting diversity and that diversity disadvantaging some groups by over accommodating. An example of this would be supporting trans women athletes right to participate in women’s sporting events and disadvantaging those athletes born female.

Guess which athlete is that the trans woman?

Thankfully, society now seems to be starting to find the right balance here and addressing this conundrum with some sports governing bodies finally growing a pair of bollocks and banning trans women from unfairly competing in womens events. Are they bigoted or are they prioritising the rights of women over the rights of trans women?

Let’s hope the woke mudslingers will eventually see that all groups have rights, but that they don’t get to dictate which outrank others, and prioritising some over others doesn’t make someone a bigot. We can hope, but I suspect they have much more mud to sling yet.

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