An Ode to Jon the Con

Below is a short ode to Jon the Con, AKA, Mr. Jon Sheller, who will be appearing in Chelmsford Crown Court tomorrow.

In the dock, a man named Jon,
Tears streaming down his face anon.
His eyes are red, his shoulders slump,
His spirit broken, his heart in a thump.

The weight of judgement, heavy and harsh,
His life and fate now in the judge’s charge.
The charges laid, the evidence clear,
His future uncertain, his mind filled with fear.

In his mind, he replays the past,
Wondering how it went so fast.
If only he could turn back time,
And undo his wrongful crime.

But the tears he cries, will not erase,
The mistakes he made, the path he’s traced.
He stands before the court, and all he can do,
Is pray for mercy, and hope for a future anew.

The judge declares the sentence due,
And Jon knows his life will never be the same anew.
He’s filled with remorse, regret, and pain,
Knowing his tears will never wash away his shame.

One thought on “An Ode to Jon the Con

  1. Ah well, the night before (i.e now) he will pack a bag. Tomorrow his first night in jail. Is “Each dawn I die” on TV tonight? Excuse me, I must celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a bottle of whiskey.


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