Permelia Windsor’s Montecito Musings

Good news was well received as the world was told that Harry and his wife’s second child arrived safely into the world on 4 June.  As to be expected from the attention-seeking duo, the announcement was not made until 6 June, two days after the baby was delivered to them.

Whilst the press were fully aware that Harry and his wife had had their new baby, an embargo was placed upon them not to release the news until Sunday at 5:00pm UK time. One supposes that that was in order to give the mercenary couple’s lawyers enough time to register the website domain in preparation for the merchandising Harry and his wife will no doubt be doing in HM the Queen’s name.  

What was not so well received was the baby’s name. Whilst the late Princess Diana was always odds-on favourite to feature, there were universal gasps of shock, and indeed horror, when it was announced that Harry and his wife had named their baby Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. 

As most people are aware, “Lilibet” is HM Queen Elizabeth’s childhood nickname first bestowed upon her by her grandfather, King George V, and used by her beloved parents and sister.  It was the only name that her very-recently-deceased husband, Prince Philip, would ever use when addressing his wife in private, and a name that he used every day during their 70 years of marriage until the day he sadly passed away.

Indeed, it has been said that upon the death of her beloved husband, the Queen wept that no one would ever refer to her as Lilibet again.  It has also been said that all the Queen’s children, Prince Charles included, and grandchildren are furious and bewildered as to why Harry and his wife would name their daughter Lilibet.  It has been seen as a clear and vicious swipe at the Queen and the Royal Family in very much the same way as Harry’s wife angrily proclaimed that HM Queen Elizabeth did not “own the word ‘Royal’” after Harry and his wife were forbidden from using it on their website and for merchandising.

By taking the Queen’s long-held and deeply personal nickname, Harry and his wife are telling the Queen that she may have been able to remove their HRH titles and stop them from using the word ‘Royal’ but she can’t stop them from using her nickname and, ultimately, cashing in on it. 

Harry and his wife have plundered the one thing that the Queen had left that gave her a connection to happier times.  As her grandson, Harry would have known the intimacy of the name that belonged to his grandmother (and make no mistake, it did belong to her), yet he stormed in and grabbed it with no care about the consequences.  This was a calculated move, and Harry and his wife knew exactly how it would be received by the Royal Family which may explain why it was a full 3 hours before the Royal Family released their congratulations statements on Twitter.

What is being found most curious, is why Harry and his wife would name their child after the privileged white woman at the head of the racist (according to Harry and his wife) institution that is the Royal Family and the woman who is very much at the core and cause of Harry’s “inherited cycle of pain”. Why would they burden their daughter with that inheritance? It has also been pointed out the lack of a nod towards Harry’s mother-in-law, Doria.  Harry’s wife is a proud bi-racial woman (now that she doesn’t need to refer to herself as ‘Caucasian’ when looking for acting roles) and yet the names she has chosen are those of white privileged women.

It must be a huge blow to Doria that her one and only granddaughter has been named after her daughter’s third husband’s relatives and she has been ignored.  Could it be that the Montecito rumours are true and Harry’s wife has had a massive falling out with her mother?  It is claimed that not only was Doria appalled that her daughter and son in law did not stop the Oprah interview from airing whilst Harry’s grandfather was dying, she was, apparently, furious about a certain claim that her daughter made during the interview.  A claim, it has to be said, did not put Doria in a great light and made it appear as though Doria was not there for her daughter during her pregnancy which led to attacks on Doria for, once again, abandoning her daughter.

Doria was also taken aback at Harry’s full on attack on his father, a man whom Doria is said to be very close to and greatly admires for his environmental work. A contact close to Doria has said that when asked about the claims made by both her daughter and son in law, Doria retorted “That’s news to me!”  

We know that the Royal Family motto is “Never complain, never explain” yet a few days following the announcement of the birth, the BBC reported that a senior Buckingham Palace source had confirmed that the Queen was ‘never asked’ by Harry and his wife if they could use her personal nickname for their new-born daughter.  This was swiftly followed 90 minutes later by “a source close to Harry” informing the BBC that Harry did speak to the Queen ahead of the announcement and ‘shared the hope’ to use his grandmother’s nickname and that had his grandmother ‘not been supportive’ they would not have used the name. 

That doesn’t sound at all like what Harry and his wife would do.  Let’s not forget that the Royal Family found out that Harry and his wife were quitting the Royal Family and leaving the UK at the same time the rest of the world did.  They did not discuss it with the Queen or Prince Charles beforehand so do we really believe, after all that has happened, they discussed the name they were giving to their daughter with the Queen? 

It is quite clear that if there were any discussions before the birth and if Harry did inform his grandmother that he was thinking of naming his daughter after her, this was taken to mean that the child would be named Elizabeth. I imagine that this is another one of those situations where ‘recollections differ’ but it hasn’t stopped hot head Harry from threatening legal action against the BBC . 

It is worth pointing out that this is not the first time that Harry and his wife have stolen a nickname belonging to a member of the Royal Family.  “Archie” is the security nickname given to Prince George and Harry and his wife knew this and they have never, to this day, explained where the inspiration for the name Archie came from.

It seems that multi millionaires Harry, 36, and his wife, 39, are hell bent on punishing Prince Charles and the Queen for cutting off their money and will stop at nothing to exact their revenge.  It is very telling that Harry and his wife not once mentioned in their joke of a book “Finding Freedom” the horrors that they later went on to tell Oprah.

Surely, given the title of the book, their treatment at the hands of the Royal Family was what spurred them into leaving the family and the UK in the first place, yet there is no mention of any of it in the pages of that book.   Now why is that, do you think? Could it be because it simply never happened and the ghastly pair just made the whole lot up when Prince Charles stopped returning his spoilt brat of a son’s telephone calls because he was sick of listening to Harry whining and begging for more money? Is it true, do you think, that Prince Charles shouted at Harry down the phone and told him to sell his 16 bathroom mansion and downsize to a more modest property if they were struggling to find the money to run it, before slamming the phone down and instructing the Palace switchboard to not put any further calls from Harry through to him? It sounds entirely feasible.

One wonders what this mercenary narcissistic duo will do next in order to keep themselves in the spotlight. For a couple who insist they want privacy, they certainly go out of their way to seek a lot of exposure.  The unveiling of the Diana, Princess of Wales statue is taking place at Kensington Palace on 1 July and one wonders whether Harry’s wife and children will accompany him on what will undoubtedly be a whistle-stop trip.  It is highly unlikely that anyone will want to see Harry’s wife there but no doubt she will leverage the love that Prince Charles and the Queen have for her children to ensure that she takes her place in the spotlight.

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