The Monkey, the Witch and the leather jacket in the wardrobe.

No idea why I thought of this but it came to me and I couldn’t help but write it down! That kinda thing happens on a daily basis now – especially when I log into Twitter and see Joker (aka Sameed Damji) and Monkey (aka Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks) preying on their next victim. Since pairing Sameeds previous phone number with a Snapchat account aptly named “FetishSD” and an Instagram with a similar name, the image of him dressed up in that now infamous red leather jacket has lived in my head. RENT FREE! That was a great evening and one we still talk about now! At the time, when the pictures surfaced, I knew that there was more to it and actually thought twice about pursuing it. Did I really want to see Sameed “In flagrante delicto”? Unfortunately, it was too late for that and little did we know that the fun had just begun!

Not only did Sameed have a leather fetish, he also had a very perverted, deviant sex life and little did I know, the night we found his fetish accounts, Barbara and I (not her real name) were going down a rather complex rabbit hole – a pun we would wince at for the next 20 years! The Instagram account we found for Sameed was quite tame. It showed him dressing up in leather, smoking (another fetish) and there were several videos of him touching himself. “But Kate, there’s nothing wrong with that” – you’re right, there’s not. If he wants to dress up then fine. If he wants to smoke, fine. However, the ‘kink’ accounts we found for Sameed were on another level. We used facial recognition and reverse image search to check if what he’d posted on IG were a one off or of there was something more. Sadly, there was more.

FabSwingers and ImageFap accounts were found for Sameed Damji

As time went on, Sameeds’ debauched lifestyle became more and more apparent. We found him registered on various ‘swingers’ sites but one particular site caught our eye. The site was called “ImageFap” and Sameed was using the name “PriyaCumSlut” – of course, all of the accounts we found were closed down the day after we found them and Sameed denied he had anything to do with any of them. He also claimed they were fake but after further investigation, we found that the ImageFap account in question had been opened and closed several times over the years… LONG before we even came across this disgusting little man. Sameed tried (and failed) to deny all of this and made many feeble attempts to try and make himself look and feel better. Nobody on Twitter was buying it though – especially when they saw his bio and his ‘interests’. Turns out, everyones favourite ISIS supporter is not only sexually depraved, he’s also a male prostitute with a cocaine addiction. He lists ‘Sex On Drugs’, ‘depraved sex’ and ‘INCEST’ – FUCKING INCEST – as some of his ‘other interests’. Imagine that – a pharmacist (from a family of pharmacists and doctors) with a cocaine addiction? (Something I’ll get to in a short while).

If I publish the photographs on here that Sameed published on ImageFap, this article will be taken down and we’d be banned from WordPress as the pictures include drug use! Speaking of which, its been confirmed by Sameeds sister, Afshaan Damji, that Sameed is indeed in debt with several drug dealers. When I spoke to her, she thought I was “just another person he’d given my number to”. She and his elderly parents have well and truly had enough so you can imagine their tolerance levels dropping even more when their house in Wimbledon (SE19) was raided for drugs. Sameed being the good son he is, failed to mention that he had been dealing with some very dodgy people – both online and in real life. Stupidly, he had given proof of this – in the form of the search warrant – to his less relevant troll friend, Laz (Chris Tatham) and after an argument between the two, Laz tweeted it for all to see! Silly boy!

The search warrant that Sameed wanted tucked away in the closet but that Chris Tatham decided would be better in the public domain.

In a harrowing twist, those from his ‘community’ passed these preferences off as something that he wrote when he was ‘high’ or was feeling ‘particularly disgusting that day’, but we, cannot!

Not only were these preferences listed for the entire time we knew about his account, but there were pictures of what we now know to be his nephews – of which there is no excuse! None. Of course, as a mother, I felt it necessary to inform Wimbledon Children’s Services straight away. Sameed STILL denied this was him. Imagine being so sick and twisted that you post your own FAMILY – NO, your own NEPHEWS on a site that is full of perverts and degenerates. There’s a very high chance that ‘ImageFap’ has a high concentration of paedophiles on there after what we saw – it was absolutely disgusting.

Before publishing any of this, we had to verify this information. There were pictures on his ImageFap account which showed him sniffing cocaine so coupled with the fact that he had a warning in 2011 for possession and has subsequently been convicted of possession and use. This is a matter of fact, not just hearsay. Just to be on the safe side, we spoke to his employer, Ashford and St Peters Hospital and they were totally unaware of either incident. Being an upstanding member of the community, I told them everything they needed to know about the man they had employed as their pharmacist – noting that he had been on Twitter for numerous years, apparently tampering with white peoples’ medication. Screenshots, links and voice recordings were sent to them and in turn, he was suspended and subsequently sacked.
Also, he is not allowed to apply for employment with the NHS for a period of no less than 5 years.

In short, we RUINED his ‘Joker’ brand. He thought he was being clever trolling people on twitter – until he met us that is. We are, were and will always continue to be the worst thing to ever happen to Sameed Damji.

8 thoughts on “The Monkey, the Witch and the leather jacket in the wardrobe.

  1. He was once ‘something’, he is now a ‘nobody’.

    But even the ‘something’ he was is something no-one in their right mind wanted to be and now he’s that ‘nobody’ no-one want’s to be.

    That has a completeness that the Gods only reserve for those on a Hell-bound train.

    He is on-board that Oblivion Express, be assured death will not end his suffering nor that of his family.

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  2. Kate all I can say is you nailed it girl. You are so clever. My grammar is terrible, and I get my words mixed up. My late Mum & Dad used to call me me “Mrs malaprop” lol. Thats why it is taking me so long to do the article as well. Wow though this by far is the biggest truth bomb that has hit these seedy perverted, incestuous, twats. THIS VILE THING CALLED SAMEE D DAMJI, IS FRIENDS WITH SO CALLED RADICAL FEMINIST “NATASHA BUTT BLACKWELL” who has worked with vulnerable children. I have all the evidence that this Scottish lego head bully is a police informant. The worse thing about it my so called Sister who I wont name is involved with these sick people.

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  3. The fat controller still protects that degenerate sexpest pervert. But then again EVERYONE in RH sexualise children.
    She blames sameeds behaviour on “toxic twitter” I’m now convinced Roanna is completely fucking insane.

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