Cherchez l’argent.

When examining some of the wilder fringes of the internet it is, oft times, best to look at funding. In this respect I shall try and see who funds “Resisting Hate” a misnomer if ever there was one. In my day, with the far left, going to the police was anathema. Why, then, are RH never out of plod’s shop? Is it money? Certainly the Irish Special Branch never denied that Old Bill were paying RH.

Who are RH? Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield was outed as “Halal Kitty”, Karen Graham of Bury (Dubdanu) dropped Ashleigh Brooks in it as “Monkey”, Sameed A Damji is “Joker”. As a central core there are half a dozen cranks. Add to these new boys such as Liberal Democrat luvvie Euan Stewart of Didsbury. Or Dave Wilson of Christies Hospital, Manchester. Whether Caroline Ost (Greene) is one, is, in large part, immaterial, “Jewish Cat Mother” is a cyber curtain twitcher, stalking the internet to be outraged.

Where do these misfits congregate? Twitter. Twitter UK’s legal boss is Philip Merrills-Dean who was fined £5000 in Nov 2004 for dishonesty in the Givot Olam oil scam. Moreover, Merrill-Dearn’s second in command is 77th Brigade’s Gordon MacMillan. Third? Sionaid MacSweeney, ex spokesperson for the RUC/PSNI and Irish police. Innocent whistle. Use of GCHQ’s “4 D’s” is standard for RH.

Euan Stewart has close connections with Peter Jukes. Jukes was named in the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel as being close to corrupt ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

What, exactly has RH achieved in the almost decade since they swore to “get me”? Nothing. They’re ineffective. As to what Roanna Taylor gets up to with her Alsatian, the less said the better (weak stomachs). If Greater Manchester Police don’t arrest Dave Wilson we’ll know for sure who pays them.

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