Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

Since I joined social media I’ve been accused of being “Far Right” simply because I vote Conservative, voted for Brexit and believe terrorism is a bad thing.

According to some clowns on the Left that is the definition of Far Right and probably evidence of being a fascist and/or Nazi all largely because I oppose dangerous idiots like Anjem Choudary who recruit vulnerable young men to go fight in wars that he doesn’t have the balls to fight in himself. Pointless wars often over defending the belief of their sky fairy Allan and his plagiaristic war-mongering wanker first follower Mohammed.

That’s right, believing in killing innocent people in the name of religion makes me a Nazi! It doesn’t matter that I denounced the likes of Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant with the same zeal, how dare I criticise Muslims! It’s all blinkered, woke, leftwing tosh!

I’ve written many times about the lunacy of the far left, but let’s be frank, there are loons on the Right too. I’ve met them and been in social media groups with them. The ones that praise Putin, admire Hitler, have Swastika tattoos, deny the Holocaust, wearing tin foil hats to protect them from their conspiracies… those ones. As outrageously stupid as their opposite numbers on the left.

I didn’t feel the need to brand them as Loony Far Right Nazis though simply because they believe in something that I don’t. I just didn’t engage with them on topics I didn’t want to and in some cases told them I disagreed with them.

It’s OK to disagree with and believe in different things from your friends. I think that might be a significant difference between the Left and the Right as the Left wouldn’t allow that to happen. If your opinion isn’t the sanctioned approved Lefty Logic then you must be shunned, shut down, denounced and exposed for the Far Right nazi bigot that you are!

I think the Right is a bit more easy-going, if they don’t agree with you then there doesn’t seem to be the need to label someone in the same way as the Left do. A simple disagreement and maybe calling them a dozy wanker is often enough.

So if you want to call me a far right Nazi then thats fine. it shows your limited political intelligence you dozy wankers.

2 thoughts on “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

  1. One needs to examine who is doing the calling. If you are dubbed a neo Nazi by the likes of Steven Hawking then you’re in trouble. If you are called a neo Nazi by a morbidly obese faux witch with half a dozen cranks behind her then no sweat.

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