The left and their anti-nationalism

For some decades, academia has pushed the narrative that nationalism is a bad thing.  They would have you believe that valuing your country and its culture, (if you are British), is a bad thing.

This issue has arisen out of socialism; these people would create groups to isolate people in to easier to manipulate tribes. They would then argue that only they align with these groups. They then invent hate to compound their control.

if you can argue against your political opponents, who currently hold power, but not be attacked and/or incarcerated, you are not opposing fascists”.

Then they try to isolate those of us on the right of politics. They will use pejoratives such as, “Nazi” or “Fascist”. Let’s just clear this up; if you can argue against your political opponents, who currently hold power, but not be attacked and/or incarcerated, you are not opposing fascists.

The left desperately want to believe that we are their opposites on the political spectrum. They are now so radicalised, half of them seem to be blatantly lying in their political debate. The other half seem to be suffering cognitive dissonance under the first half’s control.

Let’s look closer at this. Call our opponents a Socialist, a Commie, or an anarchist one of these names and they will say, “Well yes I am”. However, call someone on the right a Nazi, or a Fascist, they will almost always tell you that you are way off. Why? Well, because we are not their opposites. We are simply, normal sane people and usually in the centre of political thinking.

We need to recognise our political opponents are not our equal and opposites.  Look closer at the socialism versus capitalism debate and you see this error perpetuated.  Socialism is not simply a political doctrine; it is a doctrine that targets the whole of society.  From seizing the means of production, through manipulating health and welfare it will go. It will control our wealth and on move to wanting equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity.  Capitalism, however, is not a political doctrine, but rather a financial one; it does not aim to control society.  They are not equal opposites.

So we see that their reason for hating nationalists is that they stand in their way.  It is our duty to resist their slurs, particularly as we see them double down with their fictitious claims about our country, its leaders and its people.  Do not let their words settle on you in any way whatsoever.  It is okay to love your country and fly its flag. It is okay to vote for Brexit and want political independence from the E.U.  It is certainly okay to want your country to check and limit who can enter your country. Not one of these things is racist and not one of them is fascist. Stay safe!

John Adeyemi.

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