Fruitcake’s Back in Court – Jon Sheller found guilty again.

Spankd is at Chelmsford Crown Court to report upon the the ongoing case of Jon Sheller. You may recall Sheller from our previous article where we reported on his various acts of fraud and deception. Well, he’s back in court today after failing to attend a number of previous occasions. Shellers case was listed for 2pm at Chelmsford Crown Court in Court number 7 on … Continue reading Fruitcake’s Back in Court – Jon Sheller found guilty again.

We have Fruitcake!

Spankd were at Chelmsford Crown Court today for the latest hearing for serial fraudster Jon Sheller. However, as the case hasn’t concluded we won’t be reporting on what happened until tomorrow. Sheller was due to appear in Court 7 at 2 pm today, and unlike the many previous occasions where Sheller didn’t show, he amazed us all including the court staff when he did. Sheller … Continue reading We have Fruitcake!

Dave Wilson (who isn’t Dave Wilson).

In the run up to Jon Sheller and his close encounters in the prison showers, it might be propitious to mention his sole cheer leader, Dave Wilson, a nurse (who failed the GMP entry test) at Christie’s Hospital, Manchester. Dave spends an unhealthy amount of time online, usually on sites where young boys abound. Dave also likes to tell us that he is an “elite … Continue reading Dave Wilson (who isn’t Dave Wilson).