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The sad tale of Roanna Carleton-Taylor.

Second in an occasional series on “Resisting hate Hygiene” half a dozen cranks who won’t tell us why they have the right to decide on who gets to use the internet! Morbidly obese Mzzzzzzz Taylor (who added the hyphen when she shacked up with failed porn star Sean Carleton) makes much of “being retired” (she spends more time online than previously) and of being the … Continue reading The sad tale of Roanna Carleton-Taylor.

Trolled to Death – Part 1

The three trolls are known as Laz, Joker and Monkey. Laz, a fat mess called Chris Tatham, was outed by his ex-wife Karen (Tatham) after he sexually abused her young daughter. Joker, an account run by Wimbledon resident and pharmacist Sameed Damji, a transvestite prostitute whose online porn site listed incest, twinks, water sports, and “sex on drugs” as some of his kinks. Finally Monkey, an account run by both Roanna and her house elf Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks. Continue reading Trolled to Death – Part 1

Silly Sameeds been hating again

Oh dear, serial simpleton Sameed Damji’s Twitter account has been suspended again. Sameed, if you don’t know, is a member of an organisation ironically called Resisting Hate who claim to fight online hatred, but more accurately actually spread hatred and racism. Sameed in his Joker guise is known for calling white people “white sp*stics” and black people “n*ggers”. Not resisting much hate there Sameed are … Continue reading Silly Sameeds been hating again

The left and their ever narrowing windows.

For some time now many of us feel the constraints of the left on our ability to speak, live and work.  They have aimed to control what society thinks. How did this happen? You may have heard the phrase, “Overton Window”. This concept came from the thinking of John Overton, an advocate for capitalism. The theory is simple, it illustrates the fact that there is … Continue reading The left and their ever narrowing windows.