Troll Bingo

You may have heard the theory that a small vocabulary is a sign of low intelligence and the demented Resisting Hate internet trolls and others like them are definitive proof of this theory. These dimwitted trolls go mono-syllabic when they get angry or overexcited, they revert to their twenty-word lexicon, which is predictable.

“Rekt”, “Ruined”, “You mad doe” and “racist” are some of the terms and phrases they default to when they are running out of language to express the complicated feelings buzzing around their tiny hate-filled minds.

In this first issue article we will be playing a game of “Troll Bingo”. Feel free to join in by tweeting the hashtag #TrollBingo when you spot an internet troll using one of these terms.

There is no prize for the winner, just the satisfaction that you are smarter than these borderline Neanderthals.

One thought on “Troll Bingo

  1. Natasha Butt Blackwell from Glasgow is another troll trying to push mentally ill and vulnerable people on Twitter to suicide she is friends with that other skank, Roanna Carleton Taylor. They find it funny to hack and doxx people and think they are immune from the law.

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