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It has only been 6 weeks since the Duke of Edinburgh passed away and in that short period of time his spoilt brat grandson “Just Call Me Harry” has decided to throw more grenades at his grandmother, HM Queen Elizabeth, and his father, Prince Charles, who are both still in a period of mourning. 

The You We See Too Much Of

Last week Apple TV+ released a 5-part mini documentary show entitled “The Me You Can’t See”, co-produced by, and featuring, Harry and his pal Oprah. It was met with resounding condemnation and ridicule around the globe. Whilst the show does feature a mix of famous and not famous people speaking about their mental health issues, it is Harry who is up front and centre in this show being interviewed yet again by Oprah.

There is perhaps a certain irony in the title of this TV show given that since Harry and his wife moved to the US to [he claimed] lead a more private life away from the glare of the media, we have heard and seen from Harry more than we ever did when he settled down to married life in the UK.  Whether it’s Harry having a laugh on top of an open top double-decker bus with his mate James Corden, or him appearing on an arena stadium stage alongside J. Lo at the Vax Live concert with his name (complete with both titles no less) in lights, or the endless podcasts and Zoom calls where he sits looking into the camera rather like a hostage in a proof of life video, whilst both he and his wife gush psychobabble and word salad, barely a day will pass without Harry, and his wife, hogging the spotlight in some way, shape or form. 

For a man who has, on several occasions, told the world how happy he is now that he has escaped the confines and restraints of the Royal Family, thanks to his wife who freed him from his imaginary shackles, why is he constantly moaning? We’ve heard it all before and each time it is more dramatic with more heartbreak for poor Harry, the perpetual victim. 

Anger over his mother’s death

Harry speaks of the childhood trauma he suffered following the death of his mother and how he turned to drink and drugs to help mask the grief. That’s not unusual.  Many people do just that when they are grieving so why does Harry have to have the monopoly on grief? Why does he make it sound like he is the only one to suffer? He not once mentions his brother Prince William, who was only 3 years older than Harry when his mother died, and how they supported each other during this time. He does not mention his father who went out of his way, as a single parent, to try and fill the void that Diana left. Harry does his best to make it appear as though the subject of his dead mother was off limits in Clarence House and he was abandoned to get on with it when the reality is, nothing could have been further from the truth. 

Criticism of his father

Harry makes the claim that his father made him ‘suffer’ as a child. Yes, it was never going to be a good idea to have two young boys aged 12 and 15 years old respectively, walking behind their mother’s coffin under the gaze of 1000s of members of the public and one can see how it would have had a terrible effect on a child, but how is publicly regurgitating this 24 years after the event helpful? Prince William suffered just as much but he never uses the event as a stick to publicly beat his father with.

I have no doubt that Prince Charles was not the touchy feely father that Harry somehow now thinks he was entitled to have, but Harry has said in the past that his father was supportive to him and his brother and spoke in glowing terms about him. A recently resurfaced video clip from 2017 sees Harry revealing that he and his father talk for hours on the phone.

There are 100s of photos and plenty of video footage on the internet that clearly show Harry and his father as being very close so where has this revelation come from? Harry certainly did not feel this way before he met his wife. One does have to ask, if Prince Charles was such an ogre and so toxic, why did Harry ask him to walk his wife down the aisle? 

Harry’s wife and saviour

Harry said that he sought help only after a couple of people close to him told him his behaviour was not normal. Harry previously revealed in 2017 that it was his brother who urged him to seek help and that he took up boxing, but he does not mention his brother or boxing in the interview. 

Harry credits his wife for getting him into therapy but does he forget that he also revealed in 2020 during a talk for JPMorgan in Miami, that netted him $1 million, that he had been in therapy for several years to cope with the loss of his mother?

His family’s “neglect”

Harry goes on to accuse the Royal family of ‘total neglect’ in not acting to help him and his wife when, he claims, they were ‘struggling with life in the limelight’. Harry’s wife, 39, is no wilting wallflower.  Unlike Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, before Harry’s wife joined the Royal Family she had had years of experience in front of the cameras as an actress who regularly turned up for the opening of an envelope.  The net is awash of images and clips of Harry’s wife posing and posturing for anyone wielding a camera.

By contrast, Harry’s wife’s life as a working royal did not see her meet with frenzied paparazzi shouting her name and thousands of people jostling to get near her which is what I’m sure she expected. By all accounts, the small number of engagements that she carried out gained a lot of positive press and her confidence was very clear to see. Compare Harry’s wife’s first public appearance as a working royal to that of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and you can see that Catherine was nowhere near as confident as Harry’s wife, yet Prince William did not complain and I would say with absolute certainty that Catherine struggled with being in the limelight at the start of her marriage. 

Harry ludicrously claimed ‘history is repeating itself’ and that the press ‘won’t stop until she [his wife] dies’.  Stop what? Have I missed something because as far I can recall, for the very short amount of time that Harry and his wife were living in the UK, the media did not hound them and they were no more intrusive into Harry and his wife’s lives than they were in William and Catherine’s lives. 

Harry really is a pompous drama queen.  If he wanted to keep his wife and child safe and away from the media glare why on earth did they so publicly move to LA, California, the spiritual home to the rich and famous? Of course that was a temporary move and doubtless the humanitarian woke couple would have made plans to flee from LA to upmarket Montecito 2 hours north of LA when they saw that the streets of Beverly Hills and Melrose now look like a South African shanty town due to liberal woke politicians and Covid-19.

Yet more claims of racism

Harry, referring to the racism he believed his wife experienced in the short time she was in the UK, also suggested his mother had been hounded to death because she was dating ‘someone that wasn’t white’. This is an outrageous claim.  Does Harry actually believe that if his mother had been dating a white man that the press and the paparazzi would not have bothered with her and that she and her white boyfriend could have enjoyed a quiet weekend in Paris with no intrusion?  Who on earth could have put such a thought into his head now when he never mentioned this before? 

Harry’s wife suicidal thoughts

Are we really to believe Harry’s claims that his family were totally silent and that they neglected his wife when she was [allegedly] suicidal at six months pregnant? What exactly was Harry doing to help his wife during this time? As the patron of mental health charities and, of course, having access to the best private health care for both him and his wife, he could get himself into therapy (more of which later) but not his wife? Why didn’t he do what any loving and considerate husband would have done and get his wife help?  What were his wife’s elite hand-picked antenatal team doing? Why did they not pick up on Harry’s wife’s depression? That is their job after all. 

Why on earth would Harry believe that it was the responsibility of his elderly father, grandparents, his brother and sister in law (with their 3 young children to take care of), to look after his wife? Why didn’t he fly his mother in law over to take care of her daughter? Isn’t that what mothers are for? Harry claims to be very close to his mother in law so surely he would have confided in her and, like any mother, she would have been on the first flight to London Heathrow. If what Harry and his wife has said is true, then we can only surmise that Harry wilfully ignored his depressed wife and turned his back on her when, he claims, he was awoken in the night by the sound of her sobbing into her pillow. Will this man child ever accept any responsibility or blame?

Memory lapse

Of course the show would not be worth Harry’s time and effort to lay aside for a couple of hours his desire for a private life if he didn’t capitalise on the subjects most close to his heart of granite … his son and dead mother. 

The problem with being a lying narcissistic piece of shit is that you have to be super smart and remember the lies that you told previously.  Alas for Harry, he is not very smart and he can’t remember what he said yesterday, let alone months ago. 

When he was larking around with his pal James Corden, he claimed that one of his son’s first words was ‘crocodile’.  It appears that he forgot that when he made The Me You Cannot See, he said that it was ‘Grandma Diana’ that was one of Archie’s first words.  How on earth did Harry forget that ‘Grandma Diana’ was one of his son’s first words after mama and dada?

It’s amazing how this monumental moment was only shared when there was a price tag attached and when he needed to yank some more heart strings on the run up to the unveiling of his late mother’s statue, an event which, if he turns up, he will be about as welcome as a fart in a lift. He really is a mercenary piece of shit. 

Enough Already Harry!!

When we thought it really could not get any worse, fresh on the heels of The Me You Can’t See airing in the US, Harry then launched Round III of his attack when he guested on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast where, once again, he went on the attack against his family.  

Harry needs more therapy

Harry described how he started therapy (again?) after his wife saw he was angry and how she asked him if he felt like he was ‘in a cage’ while undertaking the very few royal duties he actually carried out, to which Harry replied  ‘It’s the job right? Grin and bear it. Get on with it’.  That’s right Harry, it was your job and you got paid handsomely to do it.  I wonder if he felt the same when carrying out his duties for his military appointments? How about the Invictus Games? Outside of those two roles, I struggle to recall what else he did.

Harry went on to admit that he didn’t want ‘this job’ and he didn’t want to do his royal duties. This is something he first decided when he was 12 years old and which he often repeated in his early 20s. So why then, when presented with the perfect opportunity to leave his privileged life behind and move to the USA, did he tell the world in his engagement interview that he and his wife to be were going to be full time working royals who would serve Queen and Country?  Why, when his grandmother offered them a low key wedding and the opportunity for his wife-to-be to continue with her career by not becoming working senior royals with a Duchy, did he insist on them both becoming senior royals and having a £32 million taxpayer funded wedding?

It is patently clear that Harry’s wife never intended to stay in the UK. Why did she never ship her clothes from storage in Canada? Why did she retain her agents and PR company in America? Why did she keep her bank accounts in America and Canada? It’s as though she knew she would be needing them at some point in the near future.

I would say with absolute confidence that this dastardly duo plotted with great precision their way out of the Royal Family and the UK before they got engaged and there was no way they were going to move to the US without titles because without titles, they would be plain old Mr and Mrs Windsor and they would have zero cachet and zero earning potential.

To cap it all off, Harry, without the slightest sense of irony, went on to say that after having the therapy his wife suggested, it ‘burst’ a bubble and he decided to ‘stop complaining’, yet Harry has done nothing but complain, on a global stage no less, since he left the UK. 

Priviliged white millionaire man problems

Harry explained how he felt that royal life was ‘a mixture of The Truman Show and being in a zoo’ claiming that he quit the royal family and moved to America so that he could put his family and mental health first. How laughable from a man who claims that he hates the press and paparazzi and decides that the best way to avoid them is to move to California with his fame-hungry actress wife.

What next for Harry?

It seems that Harry didn’t know he was trapped in the Royal Family, until his wife told him he was.  He didn’t know he was angry, until his wife told him he was.  I suppose that he also didn’t know that his father was cruel and toxic until his wife told him that he was, and that he didn’t know his mother’s death was caused by racism, until his wife told him that it was. You can see the pattern here.

One has to wonder where Harry can go next?  He’s surely kicked the arse out bashing his father and his family, so what’s left? What else can he do to ensure that he keeps his nauseating face in the media whilst simultaneously moaning about the media. I have no doubt there is plenty more to come and with the imminent birth of his daughter on the horizon, I wonder what else Harry will realise he didn’t know until his wife tells him?  

Will history repeat itself?

Harry said he was going to break the toxic parenting cycle but did he ever stop to think about the part of his father and grandmother that no one sees? Did he ever ask them if they were OK or if they needed to talk about things before he destroyed them in such a public manner? Did he stop to think how his words would impact his father and grandmother’s mental health before he sold them down the river to the highest bidder?

Those with insider knowledge have said that Harry’s father and grandmother are reportedly crushed and devastated once again by these latest revelations and royal aids have said that there is now absolutely no hope that there will ever be any reconciliation between the brothers. How very sad. 

In the future there will be two children on the West coast of America who will never know their family in the UK or their family in the US.  I hope that Harry and his wife are prepared for when their children are adults and they tell their parents how their toxic relationship with their grandparents and other family members has left them in trauma.   

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