Welcome to Spankd

Welcome to Spankd, a new periodic electronic magazine covering humour, politics, social media and piles of other topics.

There’s going to be a lot of focus on woke, PC, leftwing fuckwittery, and there’s a lot of it to highlight and criticise, but we will be interested in examples from social media. The kind of fuckwittery by people who consider themselves woke and PC, but who in reality who are so far detached from reality and have become hate-fueled and blinded by their twisted beliefs that they have actually become what they claim to oppose.

We will be bringing you articles by our regular editorial team and some occasional contributors. The editorial team came together over the last five years and are linked by a single common issue, having suffered from criminal levels of internet trolling that spilt into real life. We will be writing about some of these crimes, proceedings permitting, in coming issues and highlighting the individuals participating in the crimes. We may also give the individuals involved in these crimes the right to reply; we don’t want to be accused of proffering just one side of a story or shutting down free speech do we!

Keep your eyes out for the trolls, though. They will be hovering around the articles and posting negativity, threats and abuse in the article comments and social media. They will be claiming they are fighting hatred when all they are doing is promoting their cancel culture, being offensive and trying to shut down opinions they don’t believe that you should be allowed to hear.

We have a number of excellent pieces coming up including: – An article speculating on the mental health of the leader of an Anti Hate organisation.
– A couple of short political discussion pieces by John Adeyemi on the left and their anti nationalism and how Labour lost the red wall.
– Aunty Permelias Agony Aunt Column where she helps Scott from Kent with some complex issues.
– Troll bingo… you have to check out Troll Bingo!
– Plus heaps of other articles

If you have any comments on our content then please comment below the article or email me on editor@spankedmedia.com

If you like our content, then please share it on social media, if you don’t then let us know.



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