Permelia Windsor’s Montecito Musings

It’s been eight months since “Just Call Me Harry” and his wife’s production company, Archwell Productions, signed a multi-year deal with Netflix.  Netflix contracted with the grifting money-grubbing couple in a deal, which is said to be north of $100 million, for Harry and his wife to make documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming.  Seems like a tall order for a Prince of the United Kingdom with no qualifications and a mediocre actress.  To date, it has been announced that the first Netflix series Archwell Productions will create will be about Invictus and will follow competitors as they prepare for the 2022 Invictus Games. So far, so utterly predictable and it’s nice to see Harry leveraging his position as patron of Invictus in order to make money. For himself and his wife.

So that’s one series and doubtless, given the content, it will be number 1 in Netflix for a week or so, but I’m not sure it is exactly what Netflix signed up for when they offered the couple a global platform just six months after they fled the horrible racist Royal Family and the UK.  After all, even without Harry’s input, a programme about the Invictus Games is going to do really well. 

One thing is certain, we can be sure that the executives in Netflix are now shifting uncomfortably in their ergonomic chairs as they wait to see what children’s programming the sickly woke couple produce, given the insight they were recently given into Harry’s wife’s creative writing skills as it was announced she had wrote a children’s book. It was, she claimed, based on a poem she wrote for her golden goose shortly after their first born moon bump was safely delivered. Someone needs to tell Harry’s wife that stringing sentences together that rhyme does not mean you’ve written a poem. There were accusations that Harry’s wife’s book was very similar to another novel called the Bench but the writer of that novel was quick to deny any similarities. Who could blame her? What an insult to suggest that a novel by a professional author could have any similarities to the drivel penned by Harry’s wife. No doubt we shall find the book languishing unsold in pound shops by December.

The deal with Netflix may be worth multi millions but that’s just a figure on a piece of paper.  In order for Harry and his wife to see anything like that return from Netflix, what they produce has to appeal to the Netflix global audience.  Do Netflix subscribers want to watch anything that this ghastly couple produce?  Will Kelly and Steve in a rented two bed terrace in Wolverhampton or Britney and Kyle in a one-bedroomed condo in New Mexico really want to settle down with their Friday night takeaway and bottle of wine and watch what is undoubtedly going to be preachy, woke repetitive content produced by a couple of spoilt, entitled millionaires living in luxury in Los Angeles who never stop bemoaning their lot to anyone who will listen?  Does anyone who has lived through this global pandemic and is looking forward to the day when they can fly off for a budget break in the sun, really want to listen to Harry and his wife who have private jets at their disposal and who live in a mansion with 16 bathrooms, telling them that they need to be mindful about the impact their carbon footprint has on the planet? Do they really want to hear them lecturing on kindness when Harry hasn’t even met his father in law and Thomas Markle has been denied any access to his grandson? I think we know the answer to that.

Somehow I can’t see Harry and his wife hitting the mark with the ideas they will be pitching in the Netflix boardroom.  Will the content they create which they claim “informs but also gives hope” cut the mustard? And what exactly did Harry and his wife mean when they said that Netflix’s ‘unprecedented reach will help us share impactful content that unlocks action’? What action? Reaching for the remote control to turn it off? It’s just more of the same word salad which is the one skill they have in abundance.

The latest rumour currently circulating is that Harry and his wife are releasing a documentary which includes never before seen footage of Princess Diana and will be aired on Netflix next year. Where did Netflix get this footage from? It can’t be from Harry as he was a child when his mother died. If this true, then this footage will be dynamite and will capitalise on the public’s hunger for gossip and scandal about the rich and famous. The late Princess of Wales was the most famous woman in the world at the time of her death and she still commands attention and, if true, this docu-film will make Netflix millions and in turn, Harry and his wife. 

However, according to the same rumour source, it seems that following the death of Harry’s grandfather and him meeting up with his family after months of absence and the awkwardness of having to face them following the lies he and his wife told about his family, Harry is now feeling very uncomfortable about this docu-film and fears it will destroy any chance of reconciliation between his father and brother.

If this rumour is true, then Harry deserves what is coming to him.  This is the guy who claimed to be fiercely protective of his mother’s memory. Until he met his wife.  Let’s not overlook the fact that Netflix recently aired a series that painted his mother and father in a terrible light, yet Harry jumped straight into bed with them.  Now he is tied into a contract with Netflix and they will want their pound of flesh.  Make no mistake, it’s Harry that Netflix wants and not his wife who would be nothing if it weren’t for the title bestowed upon her by the Queen and her marriage to a member of a family she despises so much yet one senses that were not for his wife, Harry would never have sunk so low as to capitalise on his birth right and titles and sell his soul to a streaming service.


Despite publicly trashing the Monarchy, causing his grandmother distress when she was spending her last moments with her dying husband and destroying the relationship they had with Harry’s family, it’s rather puzzling that Harry and his wife should want to be seen on the global stage as members of the Royal Family.  It was they who claimed that they wanted to step down from Royal duties and live overseas so they could independently make their own money and enjoy the freedoms of living their life the way they want to.  It’s sadly only too clear that, in fact, Harry and his wife wanted to merchandise off the Royal Family and their titles whilst living overseas but alas for them, the wicked Queen put her foot down and thwarted their plans for using Sussex Royal as a trademarked global brand.

Is that why Harry, despite inheriting over £30 million from the estates of his great grandmother and mother, decided to go on TV to moan to his billionaire friend that his daddy cut him off from his funding and that he only had the money he inherited to live off?  How shameful and entitled for a man of 36 to whinge about no longer receiving funding from the UK taxpayer when he is living in a foreign country.

Where are the millions that Harry inherited and his wife made from staring in Suits? Have they spent it all on their ghastly Californian mansion? Is this why Harry is selling his dead mother’s memory to the highest bidder? Is this why they both still insist on using their titles in everything they do because, let’s be perfectly frank, would Netflix and Spotify or indeed anyone they pitch to really want “Just call me Harry and this is my wife”? 

Harry has sold his soul to the devil and if Netflix really do have a Diana docu-film waiting in the wings, how will Prince William react? Harry is making a huge mistake and it will have a terrible impact not only on his already fragile relationship with his family, but on his mental health which appears to be in decline since his move overseas.  It will likely signal the end of his marriage too when he finally admits to himself that his wife has manipulated him.


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