Resisting Nothing: The rise and fall of Roanna Carleton Taylor

Back in 2010 when I first became a user of Twitter, I didn’t think I’d ever see the day when the United Kingdom left the European Union, industrial cities and working men all over the UK shunned the Labour vote and celebrity businessman Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States – but here we are.
As people and times do, Social Media evolved dramatically, so much so that we now live in an age where not even the most rational ‘debate’ can go undetected without someone crying about one thing or another. Ten years ago, words such as ‘racist‘ or ‘fascist‘ would have held such gravitas and the consequences of being called as such could be catastrophic. Now, not so much.

In a few short years, we seem to have progressed into an area where where language seems to have lost its meaning. Twitter posts are often used to disparage and insult another – commonly known as trolling and if you hold a different view or have an ‘unpopular opinion’ be prepared for gangs of trolls to be flooding your mentions and harassing your followers. Enter Roanna Carleton Taylor (pictured below)

After the disbandment of her first failure, New Bluehand, Roanna and her bunch of not so merry men established the extreme far-left group, Resisting Hate. You’d think by the name that they would be resisting every form of hate they came across but it was quite the opposite.

Roannas husband Sean Carleton Taylor, her lodger (and husbands other partner) Ashleigh ‘Alice’ Brooks, Wayne Oldfield (Known as Old Wolf), Sameed Damji (Joker) and Graham Downes (LaffAtDaFash) became her co-founders and suffice to say, this less than desirable group became known as an amalgamation of some of the most degenerate people on the internet. Carleton Taylors choice in real life and online associates turned out to be a total disaster and ultimately her downfall and the collapse of RH.

One has to wonder, was Resisting Hate created solely for the purpose of trolling as not once did Roanna Carleton Taylor achieve any notable achievements. Her profiles on publications such as HuffPost seem to be embellished with deluded claims of “working with the BBC” and “helping The Met(ropolitan) Police” conduct their investigations regarding hate crime. Talk is cheap and ANYBODY can make claims of this nature. Those who achieve significant results usually have something to show for it and can back it up with evidence of results – Roanna has never done this. The only contact she has ever had with The Met is when they’ve tweeted back at her after she included them in 20,000 of her libelous, harassing tweets.

Carleton Taylor made sure that her Resisting Hate trolls had the luxury of remaining anonymous, all with the exception of her who has always seen herself as some sort of ‘saviour’ to the Antifascist movement and used her real name.

Resisting Hate branded themselves as various characters and have consistently taken advice from a woman who claims to be ‘anti-hate’, all whilst pedaling her hate fueled bile on various Social Media platforms. What kind of person does that? Can’t the people who follow her see that her associates are nothing but vicious trolls with a hateful rhetoric? At one point, I did think that her followers were so blinkered they couldn’t see what she was really like, until very recently when Carleton Taylor announced that she was stepping down from Resisting Hate – In my opinion, she had no choice. Her ‘anti-hate organisation’ had (ironically) become way too aggressive and her trolls were completely out of control. On a daily basis, the hatred was palpable. Her alter ego, Monkey, had lost all credibility and had gone from being a nefarious troll who was feared by many to a middle aged keyboard warrior who was mocked and defamed due to her inability to accept defeat.

The panic was real too as numerous online articles appeared and groups of victims were formed – all of which published details of the identities of her trolls and their extra curricular activities. In all years spent advocating left wing politics, screaming and crying ‘fashizzum’ at every opportunity and her trolls harassing innocent people who didn’t agree with them, she achieved nothing. All this woman has done is help build a base of people who wanted her and her organisation GONE which now is her reality.

Roanna Carleton Taylor, a broken woman?

Roanna thought that her No2H8 nomination for ‘Community Volunteer Upstander Award’ and her (now severed) ties to some of the most prominent ‘anti-hate’ groups on the internet couldn’t save her reputation after she was outed as a closet racist and anti-semite. Since her rhetoric has been slammed and her credibility took a nosedive, her insecurity and lack of belief in herself have become very apparent. This once fearless, exceptionally arrogant leader of an anti-hate group has now become a laughing stock and she’ll forever be known the wife of a man who participates in and sells violent, incestuous porn on various seedy websites.

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