An Ode to Simple Steve

Simple Steve is an artist bold,

With crayons bright, and stories told,

Of penguins dressed in lingerie,

His drawings bring a smile to play.

With every stroke and every line, Steve’s imagination starts to shine,

He creates a world so full of fun,

Where penguins prance and dance in the sun.

The underwear they wear with pride,

Brings color to the world inside, Simple Steve’s mind is a place of wonder,

Filled with joy and penguins in their plunder.

His art may seem a little strange, But it’s not something to derange,

For Simple Steve is happy and content,

His drawings bring him merriment.

So let him draw his penguins bold,

With crayons bright and stories told,

For Simple Steve is an artist true,

His art brings joy to me and you.

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