Resisting Hate: the normalisation of abusive behaviour and paedophilia.

As we’ve seen in recent years, members of Resisting Hate (RH) have consistently encouraged and promoted the violent abuse of young women and children. This ranges from staged incest, torture with medical equipment and other forms of S&M. Most of the main players in RH have chosen to stay anonymous and the only one to make her real identity known is the self confessed ‘master manipulator’ herself, Roanna Carleton-Taylor.

In 2017, Roanna was nominated for a Community Volunteer Upstander Award by Faith Matters so she didn’t have any choice to be the spokesman for RH. I’m still baffled as to why she would have even been in the running for any type of award as all she seems to do is sit in front of a screen all day pretending she’s a monkey, reporting Twitter accounts and people she disagrees with.
One has to wonder why such an upstanding, community orientated group as Resisting Hate would be shy, ashamed almost to list the names of the rest of their founders? It’s almost like they have something to hide? After real lengthy investigations, we found out exactly why they want to stay unknown. An in-depth examination of who they are and what they get up to both online and in their private lives better explains the situation.

Roannas husband, Sean Carleton Taylor (pictured) is a pornographer who ‘stars’ in some of the most depraved, graphic and brutal porn films I have ever seen. His ‘home-made’ films show us that he has a penchant for humiliating women in the most sadistic way possible. These ‘roles’ allow him to unleash what is an obvious contempt and deep-rooted loathing for women and we’ve seen him beat them, punch them in their bellies, shaved their head and caused them no end of pain. We found one video in which he inserted hypodermic needles into a womans breasts, made them bleed and continued to smear their own blood all over them! Quite disgusting!

One has to wonder, did these girls always consent to being mutilated and beaten? Surely this has to constitute offences surrounding Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)?
We have found videos where he can be seen attaching pegs to his victims breasts and vaginas whilst whipping or paddling her. He can also be seen spanking her behind until it welts and bleeds. In other scenes, he has these young women on their knees scrubbing his filthy kitchen and bathroom all while he watches.
Humiliation and pain seem to be a recurring theme in these movies.

Roanna’s lodger ‘Alice’ (Ashleigh Rebecca Brooks) is also a regular feature in the movies Sean appears in. Often seen being ‘spanked’ and tortured by Sean, Alice has had her vagina burnt with a laser and her breasts surgically stapled – all in the comfort of their own home.
As the Carleton Taylors and Miss Brooks lived next to a primary school, authorities in the area, neighbours, parents, the school itself and their landlord were alerted to their immoral antics and as a result, they moved home. It is unconfirmed if they chose to move because they were getting funny looks from the neighbours OR if they were chased out of the area. I’d guess at the latter.

Also, on several occasions, Roanna Carleton Taylor has been reported to the police for lewd conduct. She’s been photographed posing in a children’s play area, flashing her suspenders whilst riding a rocking horse. Sean has also made porn that appeals to no one except predators and paedophiles. One video shows him dressed as a headmaster with a young-looking female wearing a school uniform, standing in front of a desk in his office, awaiting the ubiquitous punishment that Sean likes administer. The actress is trying her best to look underage, complete with ponytail which suggests a further innocence and a demure look on her face – tropes that appeal to nonces (acronym: Not Of Normal Criminal Element).

The blurb promoting the video tells the viewer that the headmaster (Sean CT) is introducing the schoolgirl into the pleasures to be found in sex with an older man. However, this isn’t just regular sex. Sean stands (authoritatively) to the side of her in the still that promotes the video, paddle in hand and ready to punish her. Surely as a matter of principle, the husband of a staunch advocate for anti-hate would condemn this kind of behaviour and in now way want to ever be seen to be contributing to the normalisation of paedophilia and the degradation of women? You’d think, right? When the issue of the promotion of violence against women, predatory behaviour and paedophilia has been raised to Roanna, her response has been that people are trying to ‘kink-shame’ her husband. KINK SHAME?? Paedophilia, and the promotion of it is not a ‘kink’, it is a mental illness and a scourge of society. It should always be treated as such and anyone caught promoting or engaging in it should punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The Carleton-Taylor household has what I like to call the ‘porn couch’ in their living room.  From this porn couch, Sean has used electric stimulus toys on women’s vaginas, Alice and another female have slid around whilst engaging in lesbian sex and Roanna interviewed an unwitting Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama. Besides being an insult to a religious man’s sensibilities, this is also quite a crude and offensive gesture. She would have been as well inviting him to star in one of her husband’s movies since the viewer can’t get the image of that slimy, worn leather couch out of his or her head. To this day, if I ever see Fiyaz’s face, this porn couch and the alcove behind it immediately springs to mind.

For years, Roanna has publicly expressed her support for the Resisting Hate trolls – Monkey (Roanna herself) and Joker (Sameed Damji). The two always maintain that they are NOT a part of RH but we have obtained proof to the contrary from Sameed Damji himself (see picture). These trolls regularly use homophobic, transphobic, and racial slurs against anyone who disagrees with them and Roanna persistently voices her support for them. On a daily basis on social media (mainly Twitter), sometimes for up to 19 hours a day, this disgusting pair consistently hound other Twitter users. If you oppose their opinion and voice your own, God help you. They will post pictures of your children as well as their children’s locations/school names. They will wish your children to be raped and murdered and disabled children are mocked for being ‘spastics’ or ‘mongs’. Their behaviour is beyond disgusting yet Roanna Carleton Taylor values these trolls as ‘indispensable’ in her fight against the ‘far-right fash’.

Roanna also has a very unhealthy obsession with former EDL leader and activist, Tommy Robinson. She recently retweeted footage which showed him on holiday with his now ex-wife and children on holiday. She did this knowing full well that children’s lives, and that of their parents, will be endangered or at the very least put in harm’s way. The BBC radio host Louise Raw (who fully supports Roanna and Resisting Hate) also took to Twitter to praise and congratulate the man who uploaded the footage of innocent children trying to enjoy a holiday with their parents. As a result, a complaint was filed about her which is still being looked into.

As for Joker (Sameed Damji) the internet is flooded with pictures and videos of his own extremely graphic pornography. He is seen to be cross-dressing and giving oral sex to another man. In some of the other images, Joker/Sameed is bent over, naked, and nothing is left to the imagination. He also uses Class A drugs. In some of the pictures, lines of cocaine can be seen on the table in the background – that proves nothing though. It could be anyones, right? Wrong.

The Damji house was raided in December 2018 and Sameed arrested and convicted with possession and intent to supply.
Pictured is the search warrant which was given to Mr and Mrs Damji when the police attended their house. In turn, Sameed Damjist his job as a pharmacist at Ashford and St Peters Hospital for failing to disclose this arrest/conviction as well as a previous warning from the GPhC in relation to possession of cocaine in 2010 (judgement given in 2011). Is this the behaviour of someone who claims to be holier than thou?

This letter clearly states that Sameed Damji had been suspended and disciplined pending further investigation. He was subsequently sacked from his job at Ashford and St Peters in Chertsey.

Anyone can print a letter though right? I personally spoke to Claire La Brasse and although she couldn’t give me any specific information about his individual case, I made a Freedom of Information request (as per the Freedom of Information Act 2000) This stated that in conclusion to the investigation, Mr Damji no longer worked at the hospital. For weeks, ‘Joker’ RAGED at this and even though this was the millionth piece of evidence that proved he was Sameed Damji, he still denied it.

Neither Monkey or Joker are hardly ‘Community Upstanders’. They claim to be ‘diligent’ researchers (they’re not) and according to Roanna are invaluable assets in her fight against hatred and ‘the fash’ (Yes, she actually said that!). These trolls tell you all you need to know about Resisting Hate; remember Roanna is a founding member and until her forced departure in April 2021, was their very public representative.

Tellingly, Roanna doesn’t view Joker and Monkey (herself) as sexual deviants or a danger to children, she views them as her friends and excellent examples of people who ‘fight hatred’.  Given who Roanna is married to and what he gets up to in his spare time it’s no wonder that her moral barometer is skewed. Her idea of what is acceptable and appropriate in relation to children and their well-being is not that of any normal person, let alone a parent.

On a daily basis, Carleton Taylor presents herself on Facebook and Twitter, willingly exhibiting this behaviour to her audience. To the rest of the world, it is a clear insight into the evil machinations of a mind that, as evidenced by her words and actions, stands in support of the most heinous behaviour to young women and children. In today’s world of ‘cancel culture’ (where a person can be fired or de-platformed for having an alternative opinion) it is unfathomable that a person such as Roanna Carleton Taylor would not be ejected from Resisting Hate and indeed Social Media because of her support for people like Monkey and Joker and the her other gaggle of trolls who share pictures of and threaten children.
Even after her recent departure from Resisting Hate, she now remains only the unofficial name and face of this rapidly failing organisation. This can only mean that her fellow founders (or what’s left of them) are 100% supportive of her, and by default her husband’s porn that caters to paedophiles. Supporting Resisting Hate is not much more than supporting the abuse and endangerment of young women children.

If you or anyone you know is suffering as a result of domestic violence, help is always available. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, dial 999 immediately. Alternatively, you can contact: Refuge on 0808 2000 247 / The Samaritans on 116 123

4 thoughts on “Resisting Hate: the normalisation of abusive behaviour and paedophilia.

  1. One wonder at the close links that soi disant “RH” have with plod. I spent years with the far left and dealing with Old Bill was anathema. Karen Graham of Bury (Dubdanu) stated years ago that “RH” would “get me”. Freedom of speech is not to be regulated by the likes of “RH”.


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