Does Roanna Carlton Taylor have a split personality disorder?

It’s been reported that there has been a significant rise in online abuse since the start of the global pandemic. This is largely being blamed on people having too much free time on their hands on account of being furloughed and I have to agree that the devil certainly does find work for idle hands to do on Twitter. Let me tell you about a group of people with way too much time on their hands that I first encountered almost 5 years ago when I signed up to Twitter.

Through no effort on my part, I was introduced to an organisation on Twitter called Resisting Hate which I later found out was run by a housewife living in Chesterfield, UK called Roanna Carleton-Taylor (she also had her own separate Twitter account).

It turned out that Resisiting Hate did nothing of the sort, rather they encouraged hate. It was also very clear that Roanna appeared to be linked to three troll accounts who acted as the attack dogs for both Resisting Hate and her. If anyone dared to say anything to the Resisting Hate and Roanna accounts that was a different opinion to theirs, the three trolls accounts would savagely attack.

These three troll accounts are guilty of some disgusting intimidation and threats including blackmailing a man to slash his own wrist and throat in an attempted suicide bid. One of these trolls (Monkey) has a strong connection to Roanna Carleton-Taylor and we have all tried to make sense of this strange bond. The Monkey account has been hard to pin down as we’ve been unable to make sense of who is behind it until now.

To understand the mind of Roanna we need to go back to when she was writing articles about her pagan witchcraft in 2016. One thing that stood out was how she talked about “hiding in public” and the ability to read people and understand how to “manipulate” them into trusting her and to helping her achieve success in her endeavours.

Roanna, in the third person, also asked herself the question, “What are your strongest points in witchcraft?” to which she replied “Manipulation of other people to do what I want”. Roanna seems to use the word manipulation a lot and it is evident that she is very good at the art of manipulation.

In our pursuit of the disgusting person behind the vile Monkey account we followed all the breadcrumbs left behind, including a Tweet during their epic fallout in 2019 where Joker, real name Sameed Damji, posted a picture of a woman later identified as Rubina Begum Ali. Monkey appeared to be very upset about this and when asked by Joker why she was belittling him on Twitter, she claimed it was because he posted her picture and phone number. Would a seasoned and experienced troll admit in public that the picture and number posted in retaliation was hers? Taking into consideration that the picture in question had had a filter applied to it so that it looked like a drawing, we believe it was a photo taken from another person’s social media and altered so that not only was the image blurry but it couldn’t be reverse image searched. Clearly the person behind the Monkey account was not in a position to send her real photo.

The question must be asked, would Monkey (or Roanna for that matter) trust a mentally deranged, cross-dressing transvestite prostitute, who she said desperately needed to see a psychiatrist, with her real identity? Of course not. Joker was trusted with the dirty secrets of his friend Laz/Moon and he gave them up to us with no hesitation. Monkey is not stupid. She doesn’t trust anyone except Roanna, it seems.

That said, it does seem that they are unusually close for people who only know each other online. On reflection, it seems they are keepers of each other’s secrets and have admitted to sharing Twitter accounts. They have, on occasion, forgot what account they were using. One such slip up was when Roanna, when she was the @boogywoogyw account, was Tweeted and was accused of liking and sharing the tweets of a troll who was arrested for viciously trolling a victim of a grooming gang. Roanna never responded but Monkey’s account immediately did so calling the person a liar, saying “I never did such a thing”. Not “Roanna never…” but “I never …” So clearly Monkey forgot what account she was on.

Another thing that struck us as odd was the so-called illusive RH founder member by the name of Halal Kitty. Roanna claimed on her bio that Halal Kitty shared her personal Twitter account. How very peculiar. The only “Kitty” in Roanna’s life is Alice Brooks. Alice uses the name Kitty as her porn actress name. Alice/Kitty shares Roanna’s husband Sean so it’s not too much of a stretch to assume she may also share her Twitter account.

Roanna once begged us to stop posting clips of Alice Brooks’ porn (freely and readily available online), claiming that Alice did not have a Twitter account. Yet when we suggested that Halal Kitty was in fact Alice Brookes, Roanna didn’t deny this. She did, however, change her bio by removing the part where she stated Halal Kitty shared her account.

If you study both Roanna and the Monkey accounts you will see lots of similarities in the wording, phrasing and grammar. On closer inspection you can also see that when one account is very active, the other isn’t. They both seem to go quiet at similar times then come alive at the same time. There is also always a delay in responses when these two accounts are talking to each other. The Monkey account has also been abusive to Roanna but Roanna said nothing. Who, in real life, would allow themselves to be abused online by someone they [claim they] don’t actually know, say nothing to them about it and continue being friendly with them? It’s also worth mentioning that Roanna once claimed to have shared a flat with Monkey but now claims she doesn’t have a clue who Monkey is.

Roanna’s manipulation has done a fantastic job on her followers who are mainly single women, have learning difficulties or disabilities, are young easily led loners or just filthy degenerates. In terms of the latter, we were recently put in contact with a man investigating one of Roanna’s strongest supporters, and notorious Far Left fascist, going by the Twitter name @far__fight1. We were informed that Greater Manchester Police were investigating a man in relation to serious sex offences against minors and that this man was the person behind the @far__fight1 account. GMP told this investigator that in the course of their investigation they were looking at both Roanna’s and Monkey’s accounts and could see that on several occasions they had the same IP address so were using the same Internet router. The GMP investigation is ongoing so we can say no more on the subject.

All that we at Exposing Resisting Hate can do is present the facts as we have seen them. Will Roanna/Monkey laugh at this and do her usual manipulation, harrasment and intimidation? Of course she will. When Monkey became aware that we knew about the GMP investigation and that we already suspected she and Roanna were the same person, she informed us that if we published any articles about this she would contact our families and friends and put their details on the Internet. This is nothing new. Her and her degenerate friend Sameed Damji have threatened numerous people in the past and have informed them that they were going to put their details and those of their children and other family members on ISIS supporters forums. Roanna has seen these threats but said nothing other than to proclaim her support for her “very good friends” Monkey and Joker. That’s how much Roanna Carleton-Taylor, founding member of anti-hate organisation Resisting Hate, supports online hate and abuse.

Roanna, Rotato, Ronkey, Monktato or whatever you want to call her has been Spankd.

7 thoughts on “Does Roanna Carlton Taylor have a split personality disorder?

  1. Great article. This is one of the most hateful groups I’ve came across on Twitter, a great article explaining who they are behind the accounts.


  2. To the best of my knowledge, Halal Kitty was outed as Niliyyah Rashid of Wakefield, the account also linked to Shireen Ahmed of Toronto (hence the “morning shift/evening shift” 24 hour coverage).


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